The Reasons for not Joining, and What's Next..?!

The Reasons for not Joining, and What's Next..?!

1- The decision by the Syrian Opposition Change and Liberation Front of not taking part is circumstantial, and has to do with the Riyadh group domination over the formation of the Syrian opposition delegation to Geneva. That platform has practically mourned the upcoming round through its Feb 11 statement that falls in contradiction with the UNSC Resolution 2254.

In depth, this would mean that the dominant platform, benefiting from the collaboration by the UN Special Envoy with it, and with its sponsors, will join Geneva with an agenda that violates 2254, despite the fact that the international resolution constitutes the basis of the meeting itself, that would eventually face two possibilities: - Either the Riyadh delegation withdraws from the meeting, at the excuse that its unilateral dedicated agenda has not been passed, - or providing the regime delegation with enough reasons and excuses to stop the negotiations. One should not be so clever to figure out that the two possibilities would have the same result: obstructing the solution.

2- Not to take part under the current condition is an attempt to bring Geneva back to the correct track, and to enable it fulfilling its entrusted functional role.Thus, work will continue for realizing the political solution, being the only alternative for solving the Syrian crisis.

3- It's too naive to see the issue as a mere conflict over shares. The Change and Liberation Front has declared, prior to its decision of not participating, that the question of seats does not matter, rather the Riyadh group should not dominate the entire opposition delegation, based on our detailed knowledge of its structure and formation that actually opposes the political solution. The dispute over the formation f the delegation reveals in essence a controversy over accepting he political solution, or not, over procrastination, obstruction, delaying, or not, over applying 2254, or not.

4-The conduct of the UN Special Envoy reveals once more the way through which the structures of the international organization perform, and to which extent they succumb to blackmailing, and their abilities to fulfil their own decisions. This also discloses his disrespect towards the future of a nation that endures the worst, post WWII, humanitarian catastrophe, citing the international organization, itself. Thus, he behaviour of the Special Envoy does not only breach the international resolutions, rather it also expresses a moral degradation, as well.

5-The circumstances surrounding the meeting, and the explosive mines planted along its road, whether the agenda the Riyadh group would try to impose, or the collusion by the special Envoy, are new tools used by the enemies of the political solution to temporally hinder the solution, after becoming incapable of stopping the process. It is an attempt to blow the solution from inside, after being forced to take part in it. But as all he attempts of hindrance and obstruction, throughout the years of the crisis, have failed, and as the enemies of the political solution were forced to go to the negotiations, without prior conditions, the new desperate manoeuvre will face the same destiny. 

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