Lavarov’s Meeting with Syrian opposition  representatives focuses on «Geneva» resumption

Lavarov’s Meeting with Syrian opposition representatives focuses on «Geneva» resumption

 At 17:30, Vienna local time, the meeting concluded between the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavarov, and the co-chairs of Moscow-Istana delegation to Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, Kadri Jamil and Randa Kasis, and Khaled Issa, the representative of the Democratic Party, that is still excluded from these talks, so far. 

The meeting that lasted for an hour focused on the need for bringing closer the resumption of Geneva process, on the basis of the UNSCR 2254, and all other related international resolutions and statements. It stressed the need for not appeasing those who hinder the political process of the Syrian crisis, regardless of their alignments or excuses for breaking or delaying it, besides the need for concentrating on the practical proposals that are capable of bridging the gap  between the parties involved in Geneva negotiations,  with regard to the Transitional Period and the Transitional Governing Body, in order primarily to stop the Syrian bloodshed, preserve Syria’s unity and territorial integrity, along with continuing with and accomplishing the mission of combating terrorism, and realizing the necessary national and democratic change.

Discussions during the meeting also dealt with the necessity for completing the correction of Syrian opposition representation in Geneva-3, particularly overcoming the obstacles created by Turkey and the US before the presence of the Democratic Party, being a major Syrian opposition force that contributes in facing ISIS, as well.

The meeting came before tomorrow’s scheduled ISSG meeting in Vienna, comprising diplomats from almost 20 countries.   

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