Kassioun Editorial 1082: For Whom the Bells Toll?

Kassioun Editorial 1082: For Whom the Bells Toll?

Scholars of World War II history agree that among the most important reasons for the collapse of Nazism at the time, was its opening two major fronts together, the first in 1939 and the second in 1941.

Today, Nazism in its new form, and with its same previous central leadership, that is, with its Anglo-Saxon-Zionist center, is repeating the same mistake, and it is opening two major fronts with each of Russia and China at the same time, through Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively.

The first obvious result – and perhaps reasons – for the outbreak of the Taiwanese crisis, which goes beyond the borders of Taiwan, like the Ukrainian crisis that goes beyond the borders of Ukraine, is that the attempt by the West to single out either of the two major powers (Russia and China), according to the recipes of the last century, has ended in failure. Taiwan and Ukraine have become two fronts for one global battle, the first side in which is the global American imperialist center, which is struggling to maintain its hegemony and economic colonization of the entire world with the dollar. The second side is the rising powers, led by Russia and China, and behind them the interest of all mankind in getting rid of the American enslavement and plundering system, towards the formation of a more just world.

Also among the clear results, is that after the experience of conscripting Europe under American command against Russia, the experience is now being repeated to conscript it also against China, and against the interests of the European peoples. All this proves that Europe today, more than ever, needs to launch its national liberation movement, which, for the first time since World War II, could lead it to liberation from Nazism and American hegemony, once and for all.

With the battle advancing, it also appears that the set of regional crises that were perpetuated or even planted in some cases by traditional Western colonialism, and which the Americans maintained and reinforced, are now facing the possibility of being seriously resolved. To name a few: the Indo-Chinese, Saudi-Iranian, and Turkish-Syrian crises, and many more.

This will also open the way for ending the greatest of crises in our region, which is represented by the presence of the Zionist entity therein, as a tool of sabotage, bullying, and aggression, which has continued to perform its function for nearly a hundred years.

With regards to the Syrian situation, the door will open wider for a real and comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis, particularly through the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, which leads towards a comprehensive and profound radical change for the benefit of the Syrian people. This cannot be completed without the departure of all foreign forces from Syria, especially the “Israeli” forces from the occupied Syrian Golan, the occupation of which, and the catastrophes resulting therefrom, in all aspects, constituted one of the deep causes of the current Syrian crisis, along with other accumulated internal causes, mainly the economic dependence and the narrow interests of the plundering and corruption elites that have turned the country into their own investment, against the interests of the Syrian people, and particularly by plundering the accumulated labor of this people.

The bells are tolling for a complete rebirth of the new world, and with it the bells for a new rebirth for a united and strong Syria, despite all the misery the current internal scene reflects. In parallel, with the Western rush that will be accelerated with the foolishness of opening the two fronts, those who seek to make deals with the West to serve their interests, will end up with great disappointment. In fact, the Syrian solution will proceed in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2254, with or without the West’s participation in its implementation, and whether or not it likes it.


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