Kassioun Editorial 1081: Eradicating Zionism, A Mandatory Path to the Future

Kassioun Editorial 1081: Eradicating Zionism, A Mandatory Path to the Future

Although our region is the most affected in the whole world by the Jewish Agency and global Zionism, what is quite surprising and requires searching for an explanation, is the behavior of the Arab media, which at best sufficed with reporting news about the ongoing confrontation with it in Russia, without deeply going into analyzing the matter and trying to understand its dimensions. Even the Arabic-speaking Russian media, including Russia Today and Sputnik, have not yet given the issue the space it deserves.

Kassioun has followed the issue with in-depth analysis from the outset, and here we continue to formulate general conclusions about it:

  • The “Jewish Agency” is global Zionism itself, and it is not an institution employed by “Israel” as the media promotes. On the contrary, the opposite is true. “Israel” is one of the projects of global Zionism/the Jewish Agency.
  • It would be useful to refer to the official TASS article in Russian on the Agency, which was translated by Kassioun. The article said that the World Zionist Organization occupies 50% of the Agency’s seats, in addition to 30% for the so-called Union of Jewish Federations of North America, which is the main funder and financial center of global Zionism. The article also referred to the relationship between Zionism and Nazism.
  • It is no coincidence that Russia’s battle with neo-Nazism in Ukraine coincides with its expanding battle with the old-new Zionism. If, at the beginning of the last century, Lenin described Zionism as “the reactionary chauvinistic policy and ideology of the Jewish bourgeoisie”, Dimitrov had defined fascism as “the most reactionary and terrorist form of the rule of finance capital”, and the great Jewish bourgeoisie was itself one of the main poles of global finance capital, it is not difficult to know the deep connection between Zionism and contemporary Nazi-fascism.
  • The media’s attempt to mislead people by saying that what Russia is doing towards the Jewish Agency is a pressure card against “Israel” to push it to modify its position on Ukraine, is an intentional distortion and covering of the truth of the matter. “Israel” is much too little to pose an external threat to Russia, whatever its behavior is. It is not difficult to conclude that Russia, which is confronting the collective West, will not be overwhelmed by “Israel’s” confrontation with it, especially since “Israel’s” final and core project being affiliated to the Western camp is a settled matter for any sane person. The fact of the matter is that what constitutes a real threat to Russia is global Zionism, which is primarily an internal threat.
  • The battle of Russia, China, and their allies to strike at the existing global financial and political system is, in essence, a battle against the dollar and its role, and against unequal exchange. Thus, it is, inevitably, a battle with global Zionism, of which the dollar represents its structure and the holiest of its holiness.
  • The role that Zionism played historically in the collapse of the Soviet Union is known. It is also known now that striking modern Russia from the outside, whether economically or militarily, has become beyond the capabilities of the West. Therefore, striking it from the inside is the only way out. Nothing is more crucial than Zionism in trying to fulfill this role, by taking advantage of the agents of influence and the oligarchs who have penetrated Russia over the past decades.
  • If building a new world order after World War II, as well as the experience of building socialism in the twentieth century, were booby trapped with global Zionism, then the logic of history says today that building the new experience and the new world objectively requires the eradication of Zionism, as a mandatory path towards it.
  • In our region, and as leftist revolutionaries, our enmity with Zionism is triple fold. Once for occupying Palestine and planting a racist, aggressive, and expansionist entity whose fingerprints are present in every devastation in the region; another fold for its sabotage of the communist movement throughout the world; and the third fold for its effective contribution to the destruction of the Soviet Union.
  • In Syria, the opening of the historical horizon to a comprehensive global battle against global Zionism is very relevant. Our immediate role within the battle is to stop global Zionism’s sabotage of our country, which is helped by the Syrian extremists and warlords, and the only path for that is the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 by severing with the West and benefiting from the new international reality, leading to a complete radical change.

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