Production and Reproduction of Life!

Production and Reproduction of Life!

«According to the materialistic conception of history, the production and reproduction of real life constitutes in the last instance the determining factor of history», Engels wrote in to Joseph Bloch in a letter on historical materialism in 1890*.

The «production and reproduction of life» in Syria, on which the subsequent continuation of Syria will depend, bumps up against a series of huge obstacles, which, if not removed, will stifle life and prevent its renewal, opening the door to various kinds of risks.

The cooperation and interdependence between the great corruption and those who impose Western sanctions, not only their cooperation in the sense of being together in a hostile position to the Syrian people, but also the integrated coordination among them, feeding the corruption of each other. This cooperation is one of the biggest challenges to the production of life in Syria, If these obstacles are not overcome, the reconstruction process, which is supposed to be a reproduction of life, will be transformed into a final stifling of life, so that it will promote the movement toward a failure state, if things then just limited to a situation of a united failed state!

The continuation of the "westward" trend in foreign trade, through the front and back doors, despite the sanctions, and sometimes through the sanctions, as well as the continued disruption of eastward direction in the economic sense, is fully consistent with what we see on the ground from the steady deepening of the policies of economic liberalization, in its full meaning of further withdrawal of the state from the market for the benefit of the monopolies of the big corrupt in ever growing and expanding sectors, and in the meaning of absence of any accounting, in addition to investments of real estate, tourism and service not only at the expense of investment in industry and agriculture, but mostly appear to be completely fictitious investments, as well as the attack on the remnant gains for the productive classes that are the poorest and most marginalized classes, especially the witnessed attack on workers' rights.

The lifting of Western sanctions is an urgent demand, but apart from its being not necessarily close to be achieved, even if it is achieved from tomorrow, it will not be sufficient to solve deep problems or to lay a foundation for the reproduction of life. Because as long as the big corruption preys on the Syrian people and Syrian economy, it will not allow any accumulation on which to be built a new accumulation, but will continue to devour the rest of the previous accumulation until the complete halt to any real production.

The rapid start of changing the political structure in Syria, through the comprehensive political solution based on UNSCR 2254 and through the constitutional approach, is the only way to preserve the rest of life in Syria and to reproduce life, and the way to lay correct foundation for the reconstruction process.

Reconstruction itself is a historic opportunity to create a new economic-social and political model, a model based on the deepest social justice and highest growth. Such a model is the only door through which Syria can enter the future, united, strong, sovereign and independent!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No 897,1 April, 2019

*A Letter to J. Bloch, London, September 21, 1890. First published in the magazine (der sozialistischer AKademiker) November, 19, 1895, written in German.