Liberation of the Golan Today not Tomorrow

Liberation of the Golan Today not Tomorrow

More than 50 years have passed since the occupation of our territory in the Golan. During this half-century, not only the Golan was the victim, but the effects of this occupation have extended to the entire socio-economic and political structure of Syria. The existence of the occupation has been linked to the depletion of resources, and created a pretext for practicing «zero democracy».


The Syrian national crisis in its pre-2011 phase was not only characterized by occupation but was also a national, socio-economic, political crisis. That phase of the crisis ended with the social-political explosion in 2011, entering the second, deeper phase of the national crisis.

Today, we stand on the thresholds of the third phase of the crisis, in which all the clouds disappear, and the risks and alignments appear as clear as sunshine.
The country is threatened nationally, not only by the US recognition of «the sovereignty of Israel» over the Golan, but its very existence and independence are also threatened. Today, Syria is threatened with becoming a «failed state», which means that it will permit its subjection to guardianship. The source of this threat is the political chaos expected from the deepening of the socio-economic deterioration.

The danger to the country today is not only manifested in USA-«Israel» as an external enemy, through the siege and occupation, but also by the internal enemy... Those forces with their narrow interests leading the country to failure. They are strangulating the people to the extent of explosion, and stripping the state apparatus from every weight, capacity, and role, allowing their followers to take the state's economic, social, service, and even military role... Those same forces whose interests are deeply linked to the West, so that they can not and do not want to be disengaged from the West, because they benefit from its siege of the Syrians and feed on their hunger, and they are the same forces who are hindering, secretly and openly, any serious path toward the comprehensive political solutions that open the door for change.

Today, it becomes quite that the national mission to save Syria from the dangers of the worsening socioeconomic situation and chaos that can lead to the country's failure, can only be achieved by changing the political structure... a radical comprehensive national and democratic change that allows the Syrians to neutralize the forces whose interests intersect with the external enemy. This is what the international situation allows, through the political solution and the internationally agreed road map embodied in the UNSCR 2254. Because without this, the Golan will not be restored, and we can not guarantee the existence of a single decent country that the Syrians build it and benefit from its fruits.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 908, April 8, 2019