No Radical Solution Without Golan

No Radical Solution Without Golan

When Washington makes isolated decision or approach away from the whole world, while its own decline as evident for anyone who sees, it means, first of all, that it is an obligatory approach.

Washington's decision on Jerusalem, and then its declared approach by Trump and Pompeo in recent days about the occupied Syrian Golan, falls within the general description above, and it remains to comprehend the timing and goals.

There is no doubt that the center of gravity of the US sabotage in Syria has remained during the past year steadily concentrated on attempts to sow discord between the Astana Trio, in parallel with attempts to keep all the issues on the ground suspended, from Idlib to the north-east, as well as increasing the weight of the economic attack through sanctions to its Maximum limits.

The closing of horizon in the face of attempts to undermine the Astana Trio plays a key role in the recently announced US approach. It is clear that the failure of Syria to restore the occupied Golan would prevent the solution of the Syrian crisis radically.

The continued occupation of the Golan means continued internal attrition at various levels, and means keeping the state of precaution. Therefore, raising the level of risk in this specific time indicates a deep US awareness of the fact that the imminence of the solution of the Syrian crisis imposes putting the Golan file on the table, making it necessary for them to complicate the situation of this file in order to prevent it from being placed on the table and to prevent the solution of the crisis as a whole for the sake of perpetuating the clash and attrition.

In this context, the following idea must be underscored:
Throughout the Syrian crisis, Washington was keen to neutralize the idea of the Syrian conflict with the Zionist entity, and focusing on attempts to detonate the false dichotomies of various forms, because a conflict with the Zionist would unite the Syrians, this is what we saw immediately after Trump's tweet. Even those Syrians who used to fall prostrate before US, did not dare not to stand against Trump, because keeping themselves silence on the subject let alone accepting it, would warrant them being politically eliminated overnight...

In order for Washington to succeed in its sabotage, it focused initially on trying to work on the sectarian factor, putting the nationalist factor aside, but when the sectarian factor failed to achieve its goal, Washington began to escalate the nationalist factor. With the latter reached a dead end, any further exploitation of the false dichotomies in their various forms reached a historical impasse. Therefore,
there is no longer any benefit from concealing the most fundamental conflict between the Syrians as a whole and the Zionist and Western system.

One «advantage» of this US approach is that it does not only indicate the end of the Syrian crisis through diminution of the false dichotomies and through the failure of attempts to undermine Astana, but also indicates faster reaching to that end by opening the door to a higher solidarity between the Syrians against the Zionist, the West and their internal supporters disguised as opposition and loyalists, and those involved in their great corruption, whose large heads uprooting became not only democratic and economic internal demand, but also a national demand at the highest level of importance.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 906, March 25, 2019