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On Constitutional Reform

The task of constitutional reform has been, and remains, a national task that imposes itself on the agenda in the context of working towards a comprehensive and consensual political solution in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2254. Hence, the formation of the Constitutional Committee, according to the agreed outputs of Sochi Intra-Syrian National Conference, is absolutely necessary, as it is the guarantee of the desired process of change that is necessary to resolve all the tasks before the country, from ending the humanitarian catastrophe, up to the complete and ultimate eradication of terrorism.

Entitlements of Retreat

The process of new international polarization between the rising powers and the declining powers is becoming evident day by day. The issue of USA withdrawal is getting deeper and deeper, from the Korean crisis and the China Sea up to the floundering in Iran's nuclear file.

Washington Had Been Stronger!

After repeated statements by the president of the united states, about the imminent withdrawal of US forces from Syria, there were frequent talk of the arrival of Arab and European forces, as alternative to US forces stationed in the north of Syria. Moreover, media reports indicated that French troops have already arrived to some locations.

The Three Tracks = 2254

About one week went by, since the failed Western aggression against Syria, but very soon thereafter things returned back on track, heading to the activation of the triad (Geneva, Astana, Sochi), which was an evident matter at Lavrov's meeting with De Mistura on April 20.

Press Release by Moscow Platform

Monday, 12 March, Mr. Hadi Al-Bahra, a member of the Syrian Negotiation Commission, delivered a speech outside the session of the UN Security Council, in an informal meeting called by members of the Council in accordance with what is known as "Arria-formula".

The Last Attempts of Obstruction

The forces of obstruction have spared no effort, since the Geneva 1 Communiqué up to the present date, to prevent the political solution. With every step of progress in the political process, and whenever the circumstances became suitable for turning this process into concrete procedures, these forces used to resort to escalation in many forms: military, diplomatic, political and media, to abort the progress.

Real Solution vs. Mined Solution

Opponents of the political solution tried to mix the cards again in the Syrian crisis, after bombing of the situation in the north of Syria, the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and the «non-paper» of the five states group.

An Appeal #For_Syrians

Syrian people!

The crisis is almost eight years old, and Syrian bloodshed continues as a result of the extremists’ delusions – here and there – of a military resolution of the crisis, and also because of the support of the external forces hostile to the Syrian people for “Daesh” (ISIS), and “Al Nusra” terrorist groups.

The Political Solution… New Momentum

The negative atmosphere that followed the eighth round of Geneva has not lasted for more than a few days, as the Russian “dynamo” moved, and the wheel of the political process was hastened, spinning with a new acceleration. The overall political process has been mobilized, through three channels together: (Geneva – Sochi – Astana). The three meetings were scheduled to be held within the next two months, which strikes out the predictions of the “oracles” of the various kinds, who rushed to write obituary notices of Geneva and the political solution.

Besiege Your Siege

The declaration of breaking the siege imposed on Deir al-Zour represents a new phase in the history of the Syrian crisis. Most analyses and readings of the event indicate that it is a continuation of the series of field defeats of Daesh [ISIS] terrorist organization. In addition, this event consolidates the appropriate atmosphere for a new advance on the path of the political process, and push it to the stage of direct negotiations between the regime and the opposition, especially as the process goes in parallel with expansion of the de-escalation zones.