Statement by the People’s Will Party on the Saudi-Iranian Agreement

Statement by the People’s Will Party on the Saudi-Iranian Agreement

The People’s Will Party (PWP) welcome the important Agreement announced today between Saudi Arabia and Iran, sponsored by the People’s Republic of China. PWP believes that it is a good beginning for resolving a number of regional crises, including the Syrian crisis.

Among the immediate clear outcomes of this Agreement is the following:

First: This Agreement marks the end of the American “creative chaos” project in our region, which was based on exploiting sectarian and nationalistic contradictions.

Second: This Agreement is a clear euphemism for the important role of the rising powers in establishing peace and extinguishing fires, in contradiction to the American sabotaging role.

Third: This Agreement also marks the end of the Zionist Abraham Accords project, and with it the so-called “Arab NATO” project, which were based on the premise that hostility between Saudi Arabia and Iran, between Arabs and Persians, between “Sunnis” and “Shia” is eternal and antagonistic, and there is no way to solve it except by one annihilating the other.

Fourth: This Agreement seriously undermines the American-Zionist-Western influence in the entire Middle East region, and it is a good starting point towards greater understanding among the historical peoples of our region and against Western colonialism, which historically worked to get everyone warring with everyone, and serve its selfish interests at the expense of the blood of the people of the region.

We in the PWP, as we welcome this Agreement and salute the two sides thereof, we acknowledge and welcome the role of the Chinese Communist Party and its Secretary-General in achieving this Agreement, and we look forward to a greater role for China in resolving the crises of the region, including the Syrian crisis.


10 March 2023


(Arabic version)


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