Members of the Constitutional Committee Must Shoulder Their National Responsibilities!

Members of the Constitutional Committee Must Shoulder Their National Responsibilities!

Press Release by Moscow Platform

The third round of the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings will be held on the twenty-fourth of next month, that is, after less than a month, which is a very close date if we take into account the size of the tasks that must be accomplished.

Therefore, first and foremost, the Syrian parties that make up the committee should absolutely refrain from repeating the previous mistakes, foremost of which the use of preconditions and meaningless media duels, especially those that involve impugnment or non-recognition of one another.                              

Secondly, it is also crucial to work with sincerity and seriousness, delve into the essence of the task at hand, and transcend any type of polemics or time-wasting processes.

Third, and because the date is very close and the tasks are enormous, the various parties must start publicly presenting their concrete proposals, on what should be discussed during the next round, and not be limited to the broad headline agreed upon.

In this context, we, in Moscow Platform, and based on the agreed agenda, which states: “Based on the mandate of the Committee and the terms of reference and core rules of procedures of the Constitutional Committee, discussing national foundations and principles”, we see that it is possible and necessary – and according to the broad headline of the agenda – to delve directly into an in-depth discussion about the general outlines of the New Syria; including the state’s form of government, the relationship among the various branches of government, and the question of the relationship between centralization and decentralization – in a way that allows laying out the general structure of the new constitution and the essential points in its preamble, in order to hasten starting the drafting process, leading to the completion of a draft constitution within a short deadline.

The scale of the catastrophe that Syrians are experiencing, both inside Syria and abroad, with its various tragic dimensions, is what should impose the impact and rhythm of the speed at which the Committee works as an entry point for the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, which will lead Syria out of its crisis, and according to which the Syrian people will practice their self-determination.

We hope that all parties and individuals participating, and also those not participating, in the Constitutional Committee, will start now submitting and discussing concrete proposals for the next meeting.

Syrian time translates into blood, hunger, and pain. Thus, the members of the Constitutional Committee must shoulder their national responsibilities, guided by the interest of the Syrian people.

Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition

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