Press Release by Front for Change and Liberation

Press Release by Front for Change and Liberation

The Syrian opposition’s Front for Change and Liberation condemns the «agreement» announced today between the United Arab Emirates and the Zionist entity under American patronage.

This «agreement» is nothing but one procedure within a package of emergency procedures that the United States is pushing forward to be made, in order to form, in its entirety, alternatives to the collapsed «Deal of the Century», which aims to secure the enemy's entity in the next stage in which the American will be forced to leave the region, under the influence of its deep internal crises and its historical retreat, with the death of the old international balance and the birth and strengthening of a new international balance.

Moreover, an «agreement» of this kind would raise suspicion about all the roles that the UAE is trying to play with regard to the Syrian crisis; because whoever stands against the interest of the Palestinian people can never, in any way, be on the side of the interest of the Syrian people.

The rights of the Palestinian people and their cause, was, and still is, the issue of peoples across the world, and the Arab peoples in particular. The submission of governments indicates their positions alone and not the peoples' choices.



August, 13, 2020