Communiqué by Moscow Platform on the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee

Communiqué by Moscow Platform on the Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee

The Small Body of the Syrian Constitutional Committee held its first meeting this afternoon, Monday, November 4, 2019, at the United Nations Headquarter in Geneva, and approved its agenda for its first session, which was to examine the deliberations made by the members of the Expanded Committee last Thursday and Friday, for drawing the basic constitutional ideas contained in those deliberations, and enriching them with additional ideas to turn them all into discussion material.

Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition, congratulating the Syrian people on the formation of the Small Body of the SCC and holding its first meeting, has worked in parallel to discuss the steps that can be taken to accelerate the achievement of the constitutional reform, and prevent any attempts to waste time and delay salvaging the Syrians from their tragedy. In this context, and in order for this Small Body of the SCC not to become a bureaucratic mechanism in Geneva, Moscow Platform believes that the work of the committee should be relocated to Damascus, under the supervision of the United Nations and with international guarantees, especially from the Astana guarantors states, guarantees that give immunity for the members of the committee, so that the Syrian people feel that they are participating in the process of shaping the future of their country, giving the committee a public mass impetus that makes it respond to the aspirations of the Syrian people, and helps it expedite the completion of its tasks and start translating them on the ground.

In addition, Moscow Platform decided to form a working team that communicates daily with legal specialists from Syrians residing at home, in various Syrian governorates and also abroad, to finalize proposals and perceptions to be conveyed to our delegate in the SCC Small Body, Mohannad Dlykan, to be presented by him during the work of the committee, so that such received proposals and perceptions may help and contribute in creating a better and more comprehensive conceptual framework.

04 – 11 – 2019

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