Statement by Moscow Platform

Statement by Moscow Platform

A delegation from the «SNC» concluded its meetings, on Tuesday (December 4th), with the so-called Small Group in Washington. The tweets of the president of the delegation and his interviews, also the press release of the Commission, has shown the continuation of its leadership in its policy of identification with the Western powers, and with USA in particular, which is manifested in the following main issues:

Firstly, with regard to the Constitutional Committee, the leadership of the SNC is consistent with James Jeffrey's speech, in which he prompts de Mistura to impose the «Third Third» with a mentality of colonial mandate, in an open contradiction with UNSC resolution 2254 and with the Sochi statement, and even with the systematic and determined action to end the Astana process and return to point zero, to extend the conflict indefinitely.

Secondly, the leadership of SNC also adopts verbatim the Western proposal on issues of sanctions, reconstruction and the return of refugees, turning these humanitarian issues into political blackmail. It is well known that the sanctions imposed by the West on Syria have harmed the Syrian people first and foremost, not the war traders or the influential ones who have not only managed to escape from these sanctions, but even turned the sanctions into a gold mine through the consolidation of monopoly in the regime's areas and the opposition's areas.

Thirdly, the leadership of SNC disregards the behavior of US and Western coalition forces in Syria, and does not «feel any concerns» about the quasi daily bombing of civilians by the coalition. Also, it does not feel concern about the US action to isolate East Euphrates and fueling the illusion of separation in the heads of some leaders. The «non-papers» of Tillerson and Pompeo, which clearly contravenes UNSCR 2254, and bears the seeds of fragmentation, have not elicited any response but only subjecting these non-papers to a continuous «studying» and looking at them positively all the time!

Fourthly, the leadership of SNC does not find it embarrassing to remain silent about the violations of Al-Nusra Front in Idlib. It also finds no embarrassment in the identification with the propaganda calling only Iran and Hezbollah to leave Syria, without the rest of the other foreign forces, even in a time when the occupation's army announces the launch of a military operation against Southern Lebanon and against what they said were Hezbollah tunnels. Most importantly, is the complete silence of the leadership of SNC about the position of the United States in support of the Zionist entity in the United Nations, when it rejected a UN resolution confirming the Syrian identity of the occupied Golan, and SNC has not shown the minimum courage to condemn that position!

This policy of SNC, which is identified with the enemies of the Syrian people, whether they are opposition or loyalty, puts it completely outside the political process, and we, in the Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition, recognized in Security Council resolution 2254, and as a participant part in the SNC on the basis of this resolution alone, and from the viewpoint of our patriotic responsibility, we do not recognize the policy of the Presidency of SNC, which is based on a systematic provocative action to block any benign efforts to initiate dialogue for the implementation of Security Council resolution 2254, and which has made that leadership lose its political legitimacy. Therefore, the leadership responsible for this policy not only does not represent us but also does not represent the aspirations of the Syrian people, because of its blatant violation of UNSC resolution 2254.

Leadership of Moscow Platform of Syrian Opposition

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