Statement by Moscow Platform's Representatives in the Syrian Negotiating Commission

Statement by Moscow Platform's Representatives in the Syrian Negotiating Commission

A few hours ago [18 September 2018], a statement was issued by the Syrian Negotiating Commission on its position on the recent Russian-Turkish agreement. In what follows is our position on that statement:

First: As usual, the statement was issued despite the disagreement of the representatives of three blocks out of the six component blocks of the Commission: the Moscow platform, the Cairo platform, and the independents.

Second: the statement is based on double standards, formally supporting the agreement, but effectively undermining this support through the sustained attack on the entire process of Astana and on the sponsors of this process, including the Turkish sponsor, albeit indirectly.

The influential group within the Commission proves on a daily basis its relentless attempt to impose its policy -  which is close to a certain section of the West - on the other components of the Commission.

This group (of the Commission) whose positions are in line with a section of the Western forces, up to the level of identification with them, is standing with the regime's extremists and in solidarity with them in every position hostile to Russia and to the Astana and Sochi processes and to everything that would reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

We, as representatives of the Moscow platform within the Syrian Negotiating Commission, declare ourselves uninvolved in the Commission's statement. We declare our welcoming of the Russian-Turkish agreement, and see the foolish Zionist attack as an expression of the level of panic of the Zionists as a result of the agreement, and we affirm that we will spare no effort to liberate the Syrian Negotiating Commission from some influential  figures who were imposed by certain circumstances and conditions which have now been came to an irreversible end. Our efforts is therefore intended for making the Syrian Negotiating Commission play its genuine function in sincere work for implementing the UNSC Resolution 2254.


Damascus 18/9/2018

Representatives of Moscow Platform in Syrian Negotiating Commission:
Dr. Yousef Salman
Alaa Al-Din Arafat
Sami Betinjanie
Mohannad Dlykan

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