They will Return and Fill the Homeland's Squares...  Press Release from Moscow Platform

They will Return and Fill the Homeland's Squares... Press Release from Moscow Platform

On Wednesday, Russia launched its initiative to establish a center for the reception of Syrian refugees returning to their country. In the following days Russia joined diplomatic mobilities with countries that have the largest number of Syrian refugees, in constant coordination with the United Nations organizations, especially the UNHCR. In response to this step, several local and foreign parties began an attack on Russia, which has become a routine with every new step towards the political solution in Syria.


In this context, the Change and Liberation Front and the Moscow Platform of the Syrian opposition shows its position on this initiative with the following points:

First, the beginning of the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland and their regions is an effective beginning to end the Syrian catastrophe, especially to end the suffering of the refugees in the refugee camps, who are living under very tough conditions on a daily basis.

Secondly, this return is accompanied by the accelerated disappearance of areas of armed conflict, which means that the necessary condition has been met to such a return, though it is not a sufficient condition, because the return needs not only security guarantees but also economic guarantees so that returnees can live in dignity in their areas and on their homeland.

Therefore, we call on the United Nations to seize the Russian initiative and work towards achieving it in the best way within a framework of genuine international cooperation, including securing guarantees and lifting economic sanctions that have only affected the Syrian people, while those with influential power have been able to find their ways to circumvent the sanctions and even benefit from them.

Third: Some opposition forces rejected the Russian initiative and has established themselves as an alternative to the Syrian refugees, and thus determined that the refugees should remain in the state of asylum until the political solution is achieved. Those with above attitude are the same forces that just up to a recent time ago, were shouting against the "demographic change", which, wherever it may be present, will be eliminated by this very initative.

The position of these forces clearly indicates that they deals with Syrians and the Syrian geography as negotiating cards – the Syrian territory (under our control) and the Syrians (under our control) are our negotiating cards against the regime. This reflects the project of this type of forces that fall within two levels:

Either a sharing of power, based on (how many cards each party has in hand), otherwise an attempt to affect the coming elections by fragmentations of millions of Syrians in a number of countries which each of them has its own particular agenda for the future of Syria.

Fourthly, the beginning of return of the Syrian refugees also means a serious reduction in the level of internationalization of the Syrian crisis, and the level of intervention of many countries that deal with the Syrian refugees as playing cards.

Finally, the extremists on all sides are not at all ready to the repatriation of Syrians to their country, because they know for sure that those Syrians – despite the repression and weapons that have stolen their unfulfilled slogans and hopes ,and which will still be unfulfilled until the achievement of the comprehensive radical change – will return once again to fill the Syrian land, but this time with a higher level of awareness and organization, by virtue of the very high price that the Syrian have already paid.

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