Kassioun Editorial 1144: Features of a New “Suez” in the Horizon

Kassioun Editorial 1144: Features of a New “Suez” in the Horizon

If the Zionists launch a ground invasion of Gaza, it is very possible that this invasion will turn into the last adventure undertaken by the Zionist entity. This is because doing so automatically means expanding the scope of the war, so that it includes all of Palestine, and in a much more effective way than it is now. It also means expanding it towards the region, with all the major risks that this entails for the Zionist entity itself before anyone else, and with it its allies who will not survive the direct effects on them, their interests, and their troops in the region.

Carrying out a ground invasion of Gaza will also mean expanding Arab and international anger against Zionist criminality, which, despite all the Western media and political terrorism, has not diminished or reversed, and the level of sympathy for the Palestinian cause is still widespread around the world.

In short, if the “Israelis” invade Gaza by land, neither the Zionists nor their allies and sponsors will be spared from its major consequences, and their current losses will be multiplied many times over. This is what the Americans in particular are well aware of, and therefore they – or at least a main faction within them – seek to limit the scope of the conflict to reduce their and the Zionist entity’s losses that have already occurred and for which there is no way to undo them or compensate for them.

The Zionist entity has lost in any case, whether it invades by land or not. However, if it does not invade by land, it will leave for itself a margin to postpone the major losses due for some time and no more. The most important of these losses is that the door has been irreversibly opened towards the establishment of a Palestinian state on the basis of implementing international resolutions.

In 1956, it took no more than 10 days for the tripartite aggression against Egypt to be declared a failure and to be turned back without achieving any of its results. Despite the importance of the resistance that the Egyptian people waged at the time, the military aspect was not decisive in reaching this result. Rather, there was an ultimatum issued by the Soviet Union at the time to the aggressor countries, known historically under the famous name the “Bulganin’s ultimatum”, which bore fruit within 48 hours, in an important expression of the new international balance that had been formed at that time.

In the 1950s, it was nearly a miracle. It was difficult for many to imagine that Britain and France, the two major colonial empires, along with “Israel”, could all be deterred and forced to stop their aggression, but it was proven possible.

Today, with the clear positions of Russia, China, and Iran, in addition to the positions of some key Arab countries, we not only have an international balance similar to that of the 1950s, but we also have a clear military advancement as proven by the “Al-Aqsa Flood”, which does not represent all the forces that can be thrown at the enemy, but only part of it.

All of this means that features of a new “Suez” are taking shape before our eyes, greater and larger than its first version. A picture is forming before our eyes in which the entire colonial power of the West will be broken, and the door will be opened not only towards the complete and clear victory of the Palestinian people, but also the victory of the peoples of the region through the restructuring of the entire regional system based on this same victory.

(النسخة العربية)