Kassioun Editorial 1143: The Flood Will Sweep the Whole Region!

Kassioun Editorial 1143: The Flood Will Sweep the Whole Region!

The heroic battle of the “Jerusalem Flood”, launched by the Palestinian resistance against the “Israeli” occupation, has continued since the early morning hours of Saturday, October 7, 2023.

This battle, still in its early stages, has resulted in hundreds of deaths and many more injuries among the enemy’s ranks. The number of the enemy’s soldiers captured is unprecedented in the entire history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The battle witnessed invasion by land, sea, and air, an area twice the size of the Gaza Strip. All of this has humiliated the occupation and undermined its power.

This battle constitutes an important turning point in the overall conflict and will open the door to major changes, not only at the Palestinian level, but at the level of the entire region.

Among the main necessary factors to put this battle into context, attention should be paid to the following elements:

First: This battle is one of the most prominent indicators of the comprehensive transition towards a new world; towards a world in which Western colonial hegemony, both American and European poles alike, and in their traditional and new (economic) forms, is crumbling. At the same time, it is an important additional impetus in this transition process, the effects of which will soon appear throughout our region.

Second: The confusion, shock, weakness, and chaos among the enemy’s ranks are an expression of the existential crisis that the Zionist entity is experiencing, and at the same time, they are an expression of the general crisis of Western decline.

Third: The tremendous development in the capabilities, knowledge, and creativity of the resistance forces is also an expression of the popular rise in the entire world. What is happening today in Palestine will have profound effects in correcting and deepening all popular movements in our region and in the world, and in producing a clear compass for them towards rooting national, socioeconomic, and democratic demands, and away from Western fraud in its various forms and colors.

Fourth: What this battle will accomplish will not stop at the borders of protecting Al-Aqsa, exchanging prisoners, or even clearing the occupation’s detention centers of Palestinian prisoners. Rather and above all, it will represent an important step towards the free and independent Palestinian state project with Jerusalem as its capital. That is, it will contribute significantly to the maturing of the objective condition for the dream to become reality, and in the near future.

Fifth: The Zionist was fully aware that the international balance is changing to its disadvantage, and quickly so. Therefore, the entity sought, along with the American, to accomplish the Abraham normalization Accords, perchance they would constitute a rock to support the entity’s jar in the face of the inevitably approaching changes.
This rock did not prevent the jar from falling. Moreover, the jar will not break on the heads of the Zionists alone, but also on those of the normalizers, for whom there are growing indications that they are preparing to run to escape these accords and their consequences.

Sixth: The presence of the Zionist entity in the heart of our region has, over time, become an essential part of the equations involved in the composition of the overall regional system, and influencing the composition of the prevailing regimes in it. The collapse and decline of this entity and getting close to resolving the Palestinian issue through a just and comprehensive solution, will reconstruct the entire regional equation, and will reconstruct all the regimes in our region.

Seventh: Every bullet fired by the Palestinian resistance towards the Zionist enemy is simultaneously a bullet against Western and Zionist projects in the region and implicitly in Syria; it is a bullet that supports the unity of Syria and its people, their right to self-determination, and their right to get back their country dignified and pull it out from all forms of exploitation by extremists and war lords. In this sense, this bullet directly supports the Syrian people, all the peoples of the region, in their tragedy.

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