Kassioun Editorial 1145: The Gaza Battle is a Global and Historical Transformation

Kassioun Editorial 1145: The Gaza Battle is a Global and Historical Transformation

The battle taking place today on Palestinian land deserves to be described as a historical and global battle at the same time, and one that opens a new page in the world order.

It is a battle against the last apartheid regime in history, and its outcome will not only be local or regional, but also global:

  • This oppressive (Zionist) entity is exhausting all possibilities for continuing its aggression. There is no doubt that it has lost the battle since it began, regardless of the extent of the vindictive barbarism with which it seeks to cover up its loss. This type of colonial barbarism is not something new in history, and peoples have witnessed it in most examples of national liberation movements from South Africa to Algeria to Vietnam to China, and the brutality of the colonizers did not prevent achieving independence. Rather, the increase in brutality was linked to the imminence of independence and the colonizer’s exhaustion of its tools.

  • Moreover, the battle in Palestine is not a national liberation battle of a local nature, but rather a battle against the West as a whole by striking its advanced base that was created from the first moment as one of the foundations of the new colonial system whose foundations were laid after the old colonial system ended. This is the rule that allowed the establishment of neocolonialism in our region and its protection with the consequences that entailed, including the establishment of a specific regional system that is ultimately subservient to the West, regardless of the slogans this regional system actually adopted. Thus, the battle is simultaneously one against neocolonialism, its advanced base, its repercussions, and its regional system.

  • Hence, it becomes understandable the West’s desperate defense of the “Israeli” aggression, which even lacks logical and practical reasons, not to mention lacking any moral justifications. By defending the Zionist entity, the colonial West is defending itself in a battle that it knows full well is a battle of life and death, because the collapse of the Zionist entity is not a “butterfly effect” or a “domino” with a chain behind it. Rather, it is the collapse of one of the most important keystones in the structure of the entire system, and by demolishing it, the entire structure collapses, or almost collapses.

  • The wave of widespread popular sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinian cause, which has swept the entire world, and implicitly the Western world despite all attempts at media, political, and security repression, is a clear expression of the direct connection between the Palestinian cause and all rightful causes around the world. It is also an expression of the centrality of the Palestinian cause not to this or that group, for this or that regime, but rather its centrality in the global popular struggle against colonialism and against the plundering and oppression systems in the entire world. This wave of solidarity is, at the same time, an expression of peoples’ anger against their regimes, and is therefore part of a new wave of the popular movement at the global level that does not stop rising, and it will not stop until it drowns the entire old system.

  • Regionally and locally, this wave also means the collapse of all normalization efforts, and the isolation of the rulers, those with influence, and warlords who are trying to save themselves through relations with the Zionist entity from above and under the table. This is only the first step in the process of comprehensive, radical change in the entire region.

    Finally, what happened and is happening proves that the final solution will only be by forcing the West to implement the international resolutions that it hypocritically accepted then worked against the implementation thereof on the ground for years and decades, from UNSC Resolution 242 to 2254. This is what will happen whether the West and the Zionists want it or not.

(النسخة العربية)