Kassioun Editorial 1135: “Drought Prayer” for War!

Kassioun Editorial 1135: “Drought Prayer” for War!

In recent days, an organized media-political and psychological campaign has been taking place, in which extremists in both the regime and the opposition alike are participating, as if one central button had been pushed.

The idea of the campaign can be summarized in the following:
First: The Syrian-Turkish settlement file has been closed, or at least it has been suspended till God knows when.

Second: The file of Arab rapprochement with Syria has also been closed or suspended.

Third: “No sound is louder than that of war”; as international and regional tensions will necessarily lead to a direct or near-direct confrontation and to a new war in Syria, which can be limited or widespread, but it is a war and there is nothing else.

It would not be surprising that this campaign would be accompanied with some actual and fabricated tensions on the ground, here or there, perchance this would turn into a “new earthquake”, this time fabricated, that would delay moving towards a solution for a few more months.

The reality of the matter lies within the following:

First: Despite all the insinuations presented, the actual preparations for holding the quadripartite meetings in Moscow are still in full swing. These meetings will be held even if there are attempts to delay and obstruct them, just as the previous ones were held after it was suggested that they would be an impossibility.

Second:based on their reading of the changing international realities, did not expect to be responded to immediately. They will not “get bored”, “get tired”, or simply “change their mind”, in response to the wishes of the enemies of the political solution, in Syria and elsewhere, who are not interested in the stability of Syria or the region, but only care about their narrow interests.

Third: In parallel with all that, indicators of anger among Syrians are accumulating day after day, as a result of the widespread conviction that those who control matters in Syria are exactly the plundering 10%, who cross over sects, religions, and nationalities, and who focus all their efforts on preventing a solution, deepening the plundering of Syrians, and pushing out those of them who remain in Syria.

Circulating the “war atmosphere” and even praying for it to happen, so that no sound is louder than its sound, is one of the last bullets in the arsenal of the enemies of the political solution and the enemies of radical and comprehensive change.

On the international and regional level, and in contrast to the illusory image presented by the extremists, the level of understandings among the Astana trio and the main Arab countries is advancing and rising day by day. This implies their agreement to proceed towards a political solution in Syria on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254, specifically against the American Zionist interest.

Internally, the indications of widespread popular anger would, with time, gradually transform into a new wave of popular movement, which also demands its right to life, and demands change for the better, and subsequently a political solution.

Within these coordinates, resorting to or even fabricating the “war atmosphere” is not surprising, to obstruct the international and regional atmosphere that is heading towards a solution, and to silence internal anger that is heading towards crystallization in a new phase of the popular movement.

So let the extremists pray for the war as much as they want, and the Syrian people will pray and work for their peace, for a solution, and for change, and against the interests of the Americans and the Zionists, those interests that now greatly intersect with those of the enemies of the political solution among the Syrians.

(النسخة العربية)