Kassioun Editorial 1134: Sooner or Later, the Popular Movement Will Return!

Kassioun Editorial 1134: Sooner or Later, the Popular Movement Will Return!

The Syrian atmosphere is in a state of pent-up anger accompanied by cautious anticipation. People’s living conditions have reached unbearable limits. Additionally, the processes of lifting subsidies and the state’s withdrawal from playing any social role are in full swing, and even witnessed a new shift forward after what happened in the People’s Assembly recently, where the official price hikes witnessed a new and comprehensive wave, while the meager wages remained the same.

The general state of pent-up anger coupled with a deep conviction that the official behavior is exactly against the general interest of Syrians and in the interest of the few who are economically influential and plundering, is pushing things towards the renewal of the popular movement.

We have said it more than 10 years ago and we reaffirm it now: Anyone who thinks that the popular movement can die down by suppressing it or sidestepping it in any way is delusional. The popular movement does not end unless the reasons that led to its emergence come to an end, and it is a historical phenomenon that can last for decades. Even if it retreated temporarily, this does not mean that it has ended, but rather it is rearranging itself and licking its wounds in preparation for a new, more mature, more conscious, and more organized round.

As the indicators and possibilities of the renewal of the popular movement rise, the extremists within the regime and the opposition are uniting once again in their effort to abort and strangle the popular movement in the cradle. This is done through the following main methods:

  • Creating artificial “opposition” voices aimed at misleading the people and trying to explore the advance roadmap of the popular movement to subsequently control it.
  • Inciting hasty, sporadic, and ill-conceived adventurous actions, so that it is easy to deal with them repressively. Through repressively dealing with them, there is an attempt to break down the movement before it even resumes, that is, an attempt to “teach the rest a lesson”, i.e., those who ponder taking political action.
  • Planting fear using the ghosts of 2011 and trying to delude people that it is possible the same events and the same pains will be repeated again.

The first thing that should be established is that the same river cannot be crossed twice, and that the capabilities of the forces of great corruption within the regime or of those within the opposition associated with the West are incomparably weaker today than they were in 2011. Also, people’s level of awareness and sound sense is also many times higher than it was in 2011.

Protecting the upcoming popular movement is primarily through organizing itself, neutralizing the chaotic adventurers from influencing it, and rationalizing its slogans and demands so that the basis is the common demand of 90% of Syrians. Through this rightful and agreed upon aspect, people organize their ranks peacefully and effectively through gradual and deliberate struggles, and using creative forms of work, including the well-known forms of debate, assembly, petitions, strikes, and demonstrations. However, choosing the right form, the right time, and the right place should be done by the movement itself. Meaning, the movement should not be pushed into pre-set traps, as was already done in the past.

The international and regional circumstances have fully matured to end the Syrian crisis and move towards a new Syria through the implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254. The internal situation is also maturing day by day, and all patriotic forces inside and outside the state apparatus should work to protect the popular movement that is coming sooner or later, and to contribute to directing its positive energy that emanates from the hearts of a people burdened with fatigue, worries, and wounds, towards safety.

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