Kassioun Editorial 1113: The Saudi-Iranian Agreement, a Good Omen!

Kassioun Editorial 1113: The Saudi-Iranian Agreement, a Good Omen!

The agreement reached last Friday, March 10, between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Beijing and through Chinese mediation represents a new and important qualitative leap in the process of the birth of a new world that is free from Western bullying, especially American-Zionist bullying. It also represents a quantum leap for our entire region, and a good omen for upcoming transformations, including in Syria.

This agreement – even if it faces small or large detailed obstacles – is practically the beginning of the end of the American-Zionist projects that had one content and multiple names, including: “The Greater Middle East”, “The New Middle East”, “Creative Chaos”, the “Abraham Accords”, and the “Arab NATO”. This agreement also expresses the serious and feasible approach to resolving crises in the world, which is being challenged by the rising powers.

To further clarify, the following main points regarding this agreement can be noted so far:

First: Ending the state of hostility between Saudi Arabia and Iran means closing the door on one of the most important foundations of “creative chaos” in our region, which the Americans and Zionists have exploited for a long time based on transforming the “Sunni-Shia” and “Arab-Persian” distinction into a tool of pushing towards fighting and self-destruction that exhaust the entire region and subject it to continuous American extortion.

Second: Opening the door to Saudi-Iranian cooperation means laying an important foundation for resolving a number of regional crises that for a decade or more have been, to some degree, arenas of conflict and competition between the two sides, while in reality they were arenas for American-Zionist sabotage through benefiting from and exploiting the Saudi-Iranian tension.

Third: This agreement means ending to the state of American extortion of the Arab Gulf states and Iran alike in the security file, which directly means blowing up the flimsy foundation on which the “Abraham Accords” were built, as well as the delusional idea called the “Arab NATO”.

Fourth: This agreement greatly undermines the Zionist entity’s and US’s capabilities to carry out any military provocations against Iran, which was apparently planned in order to push the entire region into a new cycle of long-term destruction.

Fifth: The unprecedented Chinese mediation, which represents China’s first foreign diplomatic role of this magnitude, not only in our region, but also in the whole world, is an expression of the beginning of China’s, and in general the rising powers’, playing of their international political and diplomatic role to an extent that is commensurate with the real weight of these powers. It is also an indication of the nature of this role that is based on extinguishing fires and establishing stability, peace, and mutual respect of cultures, in contrast to the American-Zionist policy of “creative chaos” and “clash of civilizations”.

Sixth: Synchronization between China and Russia working on a Saudi-Iranian settlement, and the work of the Astana track on a Syrian-Turkish settlement, is not a coincidence at all. It is rather the embodiment of a common will at the level of the rising powers to resolve the files of burning crises in the entirety of our region, from east to west, and from north to south. This implicitly means that the military bases that the Americans used to besiege our region and its peoples have begun to turn themselves into isolated enclaves in which the Americans will be besieged until they are expelled.

Seventh: What applies to the American military bases in the region applies to the largest American base, that is, the Zionist entity, which is living today its deepest and most complex crisis ever, and is receiving nonstop blows in parallel from inside and outside. This will open the door to a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause, despite Zionism and the West that supports it; a solution without which the birth of a new world cannot be completed.

It is a good omen towards a qualitatively different new phase for the whole world, and for our region in particular, and for Syria too, where things will move faster, not only towards a Syrian-Turkish settlement, but also, in parallel, towards a comprehensive political solution based on UNSC Resolution 2254 that gives the Syrian people the right to determine its own destiny and achieve a radical and comprehensive change that allows Syria to benefit from the new international situation away from the restrictions and tricks of the extremists and the major plunderers on both sides, who have always been part of the combination of Western colonialist and economic sabotage of our country.

(النسخة العربية)