Kassioun Editorial 1114: The Main Enemy and Lost Opportunities

Kassioun Editorial 1114: The Main Enemy and Lost Opportunities

Lately, there has been a lot of political and diplomatic uproar surrounding Syria, including: talk about the possibilities of an Arab rapprochement; the Syrian-Turkish settlement and the obstacles standing in its way; Western games through the “changing the regime’s behavior” policies, with easing sanctions at times and reviving ISIS and attempting to “Syrianize” Jabhat al-Nusra other times; and other events. Amid all this uproar, there are clear attempts to obscure and distract from Syria’s and Syrians’ main enemy, in the interest of talking about “political tactics” here and there.

The main enemy of Syria and Syrians was and still is the Zionist entity, and behind the US. The position from any regional or international initiative regarding Syria, should be primarily based on the position from this enemy.

We should recall that the Americans and Zionists have long invested in dividing the peoples of the region between “Arabs” and “Persians”, “Sunni” and “Shia”, and reached the point of attempting things like the “Arab NATO” to build an alliance between Arabs and the Zionist entity, against Iran.

That is, the objective from demonizing Iran was always twofold: first, extending and deepening the destructive American chaos; and second, securing the Zionist entity by trying to shift the public’s attention towards an alternative made-up enemy, which is Iran. The same is happening today with Turkey, and attempts to use it instead of Iran, especially after the Chinese-sponsored Saudi-Iranian agreement.

Undoubtedly, there are many problems between us and the Turks that need to be resolved. However, these problems are solvable if the required political will is available. In contrast, our “problem” with the Zionist entity is not solvable without ending the Zionist racist basis for this entity. That is, our contradiction with the Zionist entity is an incompatible and hostile one.

In this sense, any delay to the Syrian-Turkish settlement is a lost opportunity to close the door before direct and indirect Zionist work, aggressive and “diplomatic”, in Syria.

Meaning, the bets currently being placed on countries that led the reprehensible normalization process with the Zionist entity, are necessarily losing bets. These are not only losing bets in the political sense, but also in the patriotic sense.

The contradiction is very clear between the direction in which the Astana group is working, and the direction in which the American and Zionist are working, resorting therein by some Arab sides.

The goal of the first direction, and its interest lies within reaching real stability in Syria, with territorial integrity and unified people, and through a comprehensive political solution on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254. This would lead to the exit of all foreign forces from Syria, primarily the “Israeli” and American ones, in addition to the Turkish ones in parallel with implementing the solution, and also the Iranian and Russians ones.

The goal of the second direction is prolonging the crisis and deepening the suffering of Syrians, all the way to making the partition permanent, based on the narrow interests of the extremists. This second direction, if achieved, will blow up the narrow interests that allowed it to be realized. This would not be the first time that the West betrays those who cooperate with it.

The general international tendency, according to which Washington’s power is retreating, and with it the Zionist entity’s power, as well as the regional tendency within which the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement is taking place against the interest of the entity, in addition to the deep and existential crisis that is becoming deeper day after day in the entity at the hands of Palestinian resistance fighters, all of this leads to one thing: paving the way to a US and Zionist defeat in Syria. This also means implicitly a defeat for the Western “Small Group” and all its tricks, and anyone working against this tendency is losing additional opportunities that might not be repeated.

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