Kassioun Editorial 1112: The Quadripartite Meeting: A Step Towards 2254

Kassioun Editorial 1112: The Quadripartite Meeting: A Step Towards 2254

Preparations continue for the quadripartite meeting, which will soon bring together, in Moscow, the foreign ministers of Syria, Turkey, Russia, and Iran, within the Astana framework towards achieving a Syrian-Turkish settlement, as an essential step towards a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254.

In parallel, the Washington-led Western “Small Group” (or whatever is left of it) continues its sabotage attempts against the Astana track, relying mainly on some regimes in the region, and primarily on the interests of extremists in both the regime and the opposition, who do not hide their discontent and dissatisfaction with the Syrian-Turkish settlement path. Rather, they send “distress signals” that amount to suggesting, publicly and implicitly, that they are ready to make any deal, and within any project, as long as it is a substitute for a comprehensive political solution.

The main file on the table today, and in the coming weeks, will remain the Syrian-Turkish settlement. Meanwhile, attempts to raise all the explosive statements and media uproar about other, parallel “settlements”, will not be able to obscure the fact that the Syrian-Turkish settlement is the main path along which things are going. More importantly, the settlement is the path that will lead towards a solution, and it is the one applied on the ground.

Reaching a Syrian-Turkish settlement, as soon as possible, on the basis of preserving rights and mutual respect for sovereignty, the sovereignty of the two countries and the two peoples, is a matter of utmost importance for both countries.

For us, Syrians, the importance of this settlement can be summarized several main points, including:

First: This settlement means breaking once and for all the Western blockade imposed on Syria, by economically and politically connecting us directly with Russia and Iran, all the way to India and China, which will cancel any ability for Western sanctions to blackmail our country politically and economically.

Second: A settlement with Turkey means opening the door towards providing real solutions to a number of outstanding historical problems, foremost of which is the problem of water through the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, which affects the lives of millions of Syrians.

Third: A settlement will open the door to quickly solving the electricity problem by securing power connectivity with Turkey, and through it with Russia and Iran, where the power networks are already connected. This can provide a real material basis for all reconstruction processes in the country, and not an imaginary one similar to the so-called “Arab gas pipeline”, which (if we ignore its connections and political meanings) will only provide an increase of 8 minutes of electricity per day.

Fourth: Resolving our problems with Turkey and reaching a reasonable degree of cooperation means laying the material-political foundation to expel from Syria the Americans and their sabotaging role.

Fifth: A settlement with Turkey, specifically through Turkey, means opening the stability door, not only in Syria, but also in the entire region, and against the sabotaging Zionist-American project. Real stability will permit completing the Belt and Eurasian Road and Project, in which each of Syria and Turkey is a main and vital part, with all that means in terms of extensive reconstruction of infrastructure in the entire region.

Sixth: All these measures and outcomes will not reach fruition unless the implementation of the political solution on the basis of UNSC Resolution 2254 proceeds in parallel with all of them, and step by step towards an exit from the disaster, and not the Western “step for step” that aims to prolong the crisis indefinitely by maintaining the status quo without any change.

The duty of patriotic Syrians, whether affiliated with the regime or the opposition, is to support the political solution path through UNSC Resolution 2254, and to implicitly support the Syrian-Turkish settlement, which has become a key to implementing this Resolution, and has become a key to confronting American-Zionist sabotage attempts.

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