Kassioun Editorial 1094: The Popular Movement Rises and the “Elites” Decline!

Kassioun Editorial 1094: The Popular Movement Rises and the “Elites” Decline!

“This explosion is not purely Syrian nor purely Arab. The masses all over the world have woken up and taken to the streets. If we are serious and we want to deal with the facts as they are, we must understand that the peoples have woken up and taken to the streets, and this movement will continue for decades to come”.

We said that in November 2011. Years before that, our party’s (at the time, the National Committee for the Unity of the Syrian Communists) vision had expected the masses to return to the streets, not only in Syria, but globally, and as a reflection of the structural and comprehensive capitalist crisis.

The popular movement, or the “rising political activity of the masses”, is the third major factor in igniting the fire of change. The first is that the “elites”, or those who are “above”, are no longer able to manage matters and exercise power. The second is that those “below” can no longer bear to live under the same conditions. The popular movement comes to lay the third basis for change, which is not complete without the transformation of “rising political activity” into “rising and organized political activity for the masses”.

Today, the popular movement is still ongoing and rising globally; the frequent protests in Europe, and even the elections and their new results, are only examples of this movement.

The same goes with the increasing level of conflict between China and Russia on one side with the global financial plundering pyramid. This conflict, which is getting more deeply rooted day after day, to objectively turn into a conflict with the entire existing global system, not only in its unipolar form, but more importantly with its capitalist essence.

In the “Third World”, the features of relative independence from the US are increasing, including countries that for a long time were a US reserve, especially Turkey, the Arab Gulf states, and others. If we partially exclude the situation in Syria because of its enormous complexity due to the international roles there, no one can deny that there is overwhelming sympathy among the peoples of the periphery countries with Russia and China in their battle against the US, which is also an expression of one form of the global development of the popular movement.

If those who are “below” are in a state of constant and continuous ascension, then the “elites” who are “above” are in a state of rapid movement towards more decline and decay. The low level reached by Western leaders like Biden, Trump, Macron, Sarkozy, Johnson, Truss, Scholz, etc. (compared even to historical leaders in the West, like de Gaulle, Churchill, Aldo Moro, and Roosevelt) is one indication of the degree of decline and decay of the system as a whole. The prevailing culture is ultimately the culture of the ruling class, and when the criminal finance capital prevails, the dominance of Hollywood culture is a natural result.

Likewise, Syria is no exception from this description. It suffices to look at the level of the official and governmental personalities, and even the opposition, all of whom continue to be able to surprise Syrians with the new low levels to which they stoop day after day, compared to how things were a decade or two or more ago.

Syria is also no exception with regard to the popular movement and its rise, with the particularity that it is latent in Syria, watching and preparing for the appropriate circumstance to come back with greater momentum and organization. Syria’s popular movement return is an inevitable necessity, and it will be one of the tools to push towards ending the crisis through UNSC Resolution 2254, and it will be responsible for implementing 2254 to bring the country towards a comprehensive radical change. At the same time, the implementation of 2254 will be a lever for the popular movement, opening before it up broader horizons to organize itself to achieve its missions.

Although the seeming stagnation of the situation that might push some towards despair, nevertheless, the totality of global and regional transformations are going in one direction, which is the radical comprehensive changes, which are brewing and preparing to expose their full volume, before which fortresses that seemed impossible to breach will collapse.


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