Kassioun Editorial 1080: The Tehran and Jeddah Summits, and the Birth of a New World!

Kassioun Editorial 1080: The Tehran and Jeddah Summits, and the Birth of a New World!

What is more important than reciting the details of the failure of the American goals from the Jeddah summit – which filled various media outlets, including American ones – is interpreting the meanings and dimensions of that failure:

First: The era of absolute US-Western hegemony over a large number of countries in the region has ended, and the options for those countries have become broader and more flexible. Additionally, the possibilities have become greater, not with regards to neutrality, but also with regards to actual engagement in the positive positioning within the new world the construction of which is underway.

Second: For decades, the Americans no longer have anything to offer their followers, except threats of and harm to national interests on various levels. If this was the case for decades past, what is new is that breaking the American and Western thorns starting with Ukraine has opened the door wide to mass uprising and rebellion, which are still in the early stages.

Third: In parallel, the forces of the new world follow a consistent approach based on equal exchange relations in contrast to Western colonial plundering through unequal exchange, and is also based on promoting development and opening up areas of technological and industrial development, while not interfering in the internal affairs of those countries. All of this accelerates and reinforces the processes of collective rebellion.

Fourth: The most adversely affected by the results of the Jeddah summit and the Tehran summit, are not only the American and British, but also their main “fortress” in the region, i.e., Zionist “Israel”, which the greater the rapprochement and understanding among the countries of the region, the smaller their playing field, and indeed the area of its existence.

As for the Tehran summit, in addition to the reinforcement and strengthening of understandings among the Astana process sides, not to mention their bilateral relations and the numerous agreements signed in various fields, among its outcomes are the following:

First: Grounding the possibility of a new Turkish aggression against northern Syria, and postponing it indefinitely, and perhaps permanently. This aggression is the one that the US and the Zionist entity were counting on to occur so as to mix up the trio’s cards and harm their understandings. Perhaps more importantly, the US is counting on it to slow down the process of encircling its military presence in northeastern Syrian, which is in full swing towards a final expulsion of the US before too long.

Second: Particularly notable was the statement issued by the Kremlin immediately before the summit, the content of which was repeated in Putin’s opening speech at the summit, in which he stated: “It is scheduled during the current summit to define joint steps towards achieving the goals of reaching a final and permanent settlement in Syria... on the basis of Resolution 2254”.

Saying a “final and permanent settlement” within the Tehran summit of the Astana process, at least indicates work by Russia to jointly “adjust the clocks” towards reaching this goal. It also means that it has become necessary to move the previous function of the Astana process, which revolved around halting and ending the military conflict, to a higher level. This level is that of political action towards a solution. Kassioun had said repeatedly, starting almost three years ago, that the West had made it clear that it did not want a solution, and that for the solution to take place, it should take place regardless of whether or not the West participates in it.

Overall, as “Foreign Policy” said today, Biden’s and Putin’s trips demonstrated that the countries of the region “support Moscow’s project of creating a multipolar world”.

One of the basic elements of this world is ending the Syrian crisis; ending the Western fragmentation and sabotage operations in the world as a whole, and in our region in particular; and implicitly abolishing that sabotage’s tools, regardless of their current prescribed position.

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