Kassioun Editorial 1045: Towards a Unified Syria… How?

Kassioun Editorial 1045: Towards a Unified Syria… How?

The threat facing a Syria with unified territories and people still exists, with each additional day of delay in reaching a comprehensive solution and a real way out of the catastrophe.

The scale of human suffering is also getting deeper, and the costs of destruction at its various levels multiplying, of which the material aspect, despite its magnitude, may be less daunting than its humanitarian, social, and national aspects.

There is no doubt that the de facto division situation and the presence of multiple foreign forces on Syrian territory are the two main obstacles to restoring a united Syria. However, what should be apparent about the first obstacle, i.e., the de facto division, is that none of the Syrians in their current situation can impose their control by force, neither over the northwest nor the northeast, nor even the south. Therefore, imposing sovereignty over the entire territory passes exclusively through the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 and the participation of all Syrian forces in the future of Syria.

As for the obstacle represented by the presence of foreign forces, this too should be taken care of through the withdrawal of those forces in prioritized order and through the natural and necessary arrangement, which is:
1- The “Israeli” occupation forces.
2- The illegal (according to international law) military forces, especially the US.
3- The other military forces, even if they were officially summoned, because they will be no longer needed upon the withdrawal of the other forces.

As for how those forces will be pushed to withdraw and how the resolution will be pushed towards full implementation, this requires the realization of one of two possibilities in the international-regional sense.

The first possibility: is that a set of Russian-American as well as regional agreements will be reached. Thus far, this possibility is not within reach in the foreseeable future. This is something that various facts and indicators show, especially as the Western-“Israeli” efforts become clearer and more exposed, which is using Arab normalizers, exploiting the issue of sanctions between lifting and tightening, and relying on the extremists’ opportunism, narrow-mindedness, and devotion to their selfish interests. Ending the crisis is not at all among this work’s priorities. Quite the contrary, as it seeks to deepen the crisis in parallel with attempting to uproot Syria from its historical political position.

The second possibility: is that Astana, and with it China, takes the initiative to push for the implementation of the Resolution and seeing it to the end. This is because the West’s main remaining extortion tool is the presence of US forces on the ground in addition to the economic issue. The presence on the ground will have no actual ability to influence if the door to the economic issue is closed, especially since the general inclination for the US is military withdrawal, not only from Syria, but from the entire region.
Whatever the international-regional possibility that will be realized to provide the ground for a solution, the solution will not be possible without realizing one irreplaceable internal possibility, which is that the patriotic democratic forces find their way to rapprochement and preparedness for a real negotiations process in accordance with UNSC Resolution 2254, regardless of the opinion and will of the extremists from all sides.

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