Deal of “Insuring the Orphan and his Inheritance”!

Deal of “Insuring the Orphan and his Inheritance”!

There is an atmosphere of wailing and mourning that is dominating the Arab media and political circles with regards to the “Deal of the Century,” as if Trump merely announcing it means its realization.

This funerary atmosphere is due to two interrelated reasons. The first, which we believe is the more influential one, is the desire of the "Deal" supporters to mitigate their disgrace and humiliation, which drives them to fuel the opinions that reflect helplessness and powerlessness. The second reason is ignorance and narrow-mindedness, which dominate many of the so-called "elites" and push them to a state of complete blindness to the fact that there are profound changes happening in the international power balance against the interest of the Zionist entity, which is just around the corner from becoming orphaned due to the imminent death of its parent – that is, the US-led unipolarity.

The essence of the Deal of the Century, aside from both pessimism and optimism alike, is that it is one of the terms of the comprehensive US retreat, at the global level in general and in our region in particular, and is in preparation for US retreat from the region once and for all. Thus, it is the last edition of the “Creative Chaos” project, which is intended to achieve two main objectives: preservation of the Zionist "orphan" and its legacy by strengthening its positions and transforming the regimes that have served the "parent" into direct and public servants of the "child", on the one hand; and, on the other hand, maintaining the state of "Creative Chaos" in the whole region, by guaranteeing the reasons for ISIS and similar groups to continue, and even the reasons for its expansion towards the countries that support the "Deal of the Century".

Any reading of the Deal of the Century that detaches it from the crises in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and the rest of the region, and that also detaches it from the amount of extensively growing indignity and submission of the Arab regimes, is a reading that has no value nor can it be reliable.

On the other hand, foiling the Deal of the Century and its repercussions will not be achieved through broad slogans thrown around, regardless of their source. If we start with ourselves, Syrians’ task – not only regarding the Palestinian cause (which by itself is a sufficient and honorable cause to fight for) but also regarding the repercussions of the Deal on Syria itself – consists, first and foremost, in putting an end to the Syrian state of chronic vulnerability created by the crisis that is ongoing and growing due to the synergy between Western sabotage, and the big corruption figures and hardliners within the Syrian parties. Putting an end to this vulnerability and this crisis, comes through one path: the immediate implementation of UNSCR 2254, which gives back the Syrian decision in Syrians’ hands, and turns their support for the Palestinian people – which no one can doubt – into real actions.

With regard to the Palestinian forces, unification of their actual – not the formal – positions, has become an inevitable necessity. This unification should be based on taking maximum advantage of the new international power balance and employing energies thereof to serve the interests of Palestine and Palestinians.
As for Arab regimes – despite the difficulty in addressing them from the position of the interests of their peoples, because historically such rhetoric does not appeal to these regimes – the narrow interests of these regimes, which align with their interest to continue existing, are actually completely opposed to US and Zionists interests. Therefore, in this context, these regimes should quickly do some recalculation, before the burning blaze of the “Deal of the Century” reaches them.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 952, February 10, 2020