Today, not Tomorrow!

Today, not Tomorrow!

Signs of grave danger for Syria, as a country and people, are accumulating rapidly. Indicators of danger to Syria's geopolitical unity come not only from the US attempts to push towards partition of Syria, but also from the fact that this danger coincides with other economic, social and humanitarian dangers.

Indicators of the exchange rate and the standard of living, despite their importance, constitute only one aspect of the problem, the other aspect which is more painful, unfair and unjust than any indicator or talk, is the direct resulting catastrophic condition that Syrians are living.

Likewise, there are deep humanitarian crises that are accumulating on top of each other, which the Syrians are suffering from, throughout their locations, inside and outside Syria.

All of these are translated into high social tension, and political and security tension that is naturally produced from the former, not to mention those who deliberately seek to invest in more chaos, and in a final explosion, whose task, this time, would not be to delay the solution, but to end any possibility of any solution, once and for all, through the annihilation of the existence of the very object of such a solution, i.e. by ending the existence of Syria itself!

It is an existential danger alarming bell, which is now ringing through various indicators; political, economic, social and humanitarian. Even people who have the weakest eyes and ears can see this looming danger and hear its echoes.

Within these coordinates, the patriotic standard today is no longer limited to willing a political solution, and its implied response to the necessary steps to achieve it through the full implementation of the UNSC Resolution 2254, but rather it became linked to the speed of that response, and the speed of that particular solution.

The solution was required and due yesterday, today it has become an existential necessity that Syria itself cannot continue without, and tomorrow it will be meaningless and useless, because Syria itself may not be present.

The various details and obstacles that hindered the solution in the past, which were intentionally maximized by the extremists in the various parties, who no longer make practical sense to differentiate between them on the basis of dissidents  versus pro-regime, because in practice these extremists from both sides are allied to each other, and they are enemies for the Syrian people as a whole. All these details and obstacles became luxurious and superfluous under the status quo today, and they must not be allowed to continue their presence anywhere.

This includes matters relating to the Constitutional Committee and the meaningless, and even (at best) short-sighted, duels. It also includes the international positioning of Syria in the economic sense, which until the moment is still governed by a subordinate and dependent model that the West can strangle at any moment it wants. Moreover, this model is governed by big corruption forces and a corrupt structure that is not only unable to provide solutions, but also incapable of even stopping the creation of disasters and calamities for the Syrian people.

This also includes the political structure which lacks the minimum political freedoms necessary for society, and still insists that the best way for the Syrian people is when they keep silence and groan in their stomach without anyone hearing their groaning.

A profound and radical change through the full and rapid implementation of the UNSCR 2254 has become a criterion for Syrian patriotism, and more importantly, it has become a necessary condition for the survival of Syria itself... The criterion today is not only the solution, but its speed.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 950, January 27, 2020.