The Political Solution... Reality and Entitlement

The Political Solution... Reality and Entitlement

On the twentieth of this month, the international special envoy for Syria, Mr. Geir O. Pederson, gave his second briefing to the UN Security Council on the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee (SCC).

The briefing included – with enough clarity, but of course, within the limits permitted by the diplomatic language – laying responsibility for the failure of the second round of the SCC at the door of the two Syrian parties alike.

The first thing to note in this context is that the complete failure of the second round, in contrast to what was said about the success of the first round, now allows for a more objective reassessment of the first round itself; the essence of this reassessment is that the extremists from the two sides had dealt with the first round by resorting to "any port in a storm" tactic, through pretending to display some good intentions, while they retained their hopes to do sabotage, which were more clearly shown in the second round.

What should be borne in mind as well, at the top of the list of considerations, are the following two main factors:

First, the magnitude of the internal economic catastrophe, which is carried on intensification of the Western sanctions in full solidarity (intended or unintended) with the liberal, corrupt and brutal policies internally practiced against the Syrian people. This catastrophe, which has quickly begun to transform into a new social tension, to unprecedented degrees, throughout the course of the crisis, with potential risks of relapse into security and political tensions, reopening the doors to the most dangerous possibilities for the country (as land, people and geopolitical unity), and even widely open the shutters for such dangers to the maximum limits.

Second, the advanced degree that the new international balance of power has reached, which has become more clear with regard to the accelerating decline of USA and its allies on the international level, and in Syria in particular, in contrast with the rapid progress of the Russian-Chinese role internationally, on the one hand, and of the role of the Astana trio at the regional level with respect to Syria, on the other hand.

Examination of these two factors, which are crucial aspects of the current Syrian reality, leads to two practical conclusions:

First: The forces of the international neofascism are seeking to delay changing the system of international relations, and delay the burial of unipolarity, by focusing their efforts on exploding Syria again, until its division, and even its fragmentation on the Libyan model, and perhaps the Yugoslavian model.

Second: The forces of big corruption and extremism, within the Syrian parties, by basing themselves on their greedy, selfish and narrow interests, are watering to the fascist mill, through their continuous obstruction of the political solution and the full implementation of the UNSCR 2254.

In light of these two conclusions, it becomes very clear that the patriotic entitlement to preserve Syria and its people and end its humanitarian tragedy has become an imperative due that must be immediately performed, by the real activation of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, including moving it to Damascus with providing the necessary guarantees and supervision by the UN, as soon as possible. This is a key to the full implementation of the UNSCR 2254, which opens the door towards stopping the catastrophe, and pavs the way for the Syrian people to express their views and have self-determination.

This patriotic entitlement implies that the extremists and saboteurs from the various parties must be immediately made compliant and subject to what serves Syria and the Syrian people, otherwise their inevitable fate would be completely getting out of the political process.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 945, December 23, 2019.