Before It Is Too Late!

It has become possible, to a considerable extent, to deal with the exchange rate of the Syrian pound not only as an economic indicator but also political in essence. Although in the past few days have witnessed what appears to be fragile stability at a new rate of exchange around 850 Syrian pounds per dollar, but the experience and the political situation itself confirm that this stability is only an anchor of a new platform for further deterioration, assuming the political situation continues to be in the same current catastrophic state.

The exchange rate indicator is not the only indicator of course, and it is, perhaps, not the most important indicator, but it is definitely a very clear indicator. Besides, there are indicators that are most closely related to the daily life of Syrians, indicators related to the absolute poverty that they experience in light of subsistence crises and new social tensions of all kinds and forms, and above all, a new cold winter that does not worry about the cold fragile bones.

These worsening conditions, which threaten not only to keep the continuation of suffering and the crisis, but to its further explosion in a more catastrophic form, and in a manner that carries the greatest dangers to the unity, territorial integrity, and the very continuation of the country – all these conditions put before the Syrian patriots major and heavy tasks in various aspects (political, economic and social), and even worse; the continuation and exacerbation of the above mentioned dangers mean that all the steps and struggles that the Syrians have made in the context of confronting external interference in its various forms and levels, are now threatened to be wasted.

All of this confirms that what is required is unprecedented new steps, major and rapid steps towards a comprehensive solution, and on top of these steps ending all forms of the ongoing futile dueling which aims to escape the full implementation of the UNSCR 2254. These steps have to be implemented, including achieving all the major entitlements that have been due since a long time, otherwise they would be overdue and ineffective in preserving the country and its unity if their implementation is further delayed.

One of the unprecedented steps that must be started immediately, is dealing with the economic living situation from the viewpoint of the major national necessities, not from the narrow “administrative” and “legal” viewpoints, which requires starting to build the alternative economic model from today, by blowing strikes to the big heads of corruption and its system of historical relations, these relations that, up to now, were established on three basic pillars: open or hidden relations (of dependency in essence) with the West; internal activity far from real production and limited to investment in services and the plunder of local wealth in its raw form; and a state apparatus that exercises the role of patron and protector of the big corruption.

The greatest degree of national unity among the Syrians affected by the looting, in order to push towards the full and speedy implementation of the UNSCR 2254, as well as the greatest degree of rearrangement of the internal situation on the basis of a clear and real alignment within the new international balance from the perspective of decisive anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism and against their allies and the normalizers with them – all these are national and existential imperatives that can no longer be jumped over in any way, and their implementation is no longer possible to be delayed or slowed down at all.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 944, December 16, 2019.