New year... Lessons and Entitlements

New year... Lessons and Entitlements

In 2011, Syria entered a major historical crossroad, and on the doorsteps of 2020, it stands exactly at the end of that crossroad...

The Syrian crisis which started internally –as a result of the accumulation of problems over decades; from corruption, brutal injustice in the distribution of wealth, oppression and degradation of political freedoms – has turned, by virtue of the highly unique significance of Syria as a key to the East, into the focal point of international and regional conflict within very unique circumstances, as well. These circumstances  are not only related to the transformation of the world from uni-polarity to multi-polarity, but even more; as the entire world, after about five centuries of Western dominance, has finally moved towards the stage of post-western dominance; a movement whose main title is the end of all forms of unequal relations at the international level, and on top of them the unequal economic relations.

The tremendous degree of internationalization of the Syrian issue, along years, has been made a veil behind which hid the extremists from different parties. Those extremists, though belonging to different parties, share among each other their deep position on the issue of distribution of national wealth as a position of looters who want to preserve looting, either in order to monopolize it by a particular party, or (at worst) to re-divide its shares between the extremists on both sides.

This alignment in the matter of distributing wealth for the benefit of the looters, and against the looted people, is the ultimate essence of the matter, which results in how they align themselves with some international parties, which ultimately flows into the mill of unequal exchange relations with the West, i.e. dependency relations in its various forms. It is this alignment itself that produces the practically united position of the extremists on the democratic issue, which is summarized by the necessity of reducing the role of the popular movement and the role of looted people in general in interfering in public and political affairs, and keeping them oppressed or recruited to serve an extremist party against another.

The curtain that covers the aims of the big corruptors and extremists has been practically shredded under the massive imbalance of international powers against the interest of the West, and against the US interest in particular.

With the clearance of this curtain, more fundamental issues returned to the fore, issues of the economic model, distribution of national wealth and their relevant political and democratic forms.

The fascist international trend is still counting on ending Syria, and indeed on exploding it completely and extensively so that the fires spread throughout the region, hoping that this might prevent the final elimination of unipolarity and its supreme logo: the dollar.

In this context, the historical crossroad on which Syria stands today is between two roads, the first is a total explosion that terminates Syria and tears it into shreds, an explosion carried on the complete inability of the political structures in Syria to solve any small or big problem, due to the massive penetration of the great corruption which was not restricted to the economic field, but became comprehensive.

The second, irreplaceable road that will make its deep mark on the next year, is the immediate going to implement the entitlement of the comprehensive radical change by restoring the Syrian people their sovereignty over their country and destiny, that is, through a comprehensive and real political solution, that is, through the full implementation of the UNSC Resolution 2254, without any delay!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 946, December 30, 2019.