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When Will the US Lift its Sanctions on Syria?

We deal in this article with an aspect that we have not previously dealt with extensively within the discussion of US and Western sanctions on Syria. This aspect can be condensed by the question bearing the title of the article: When will the US lift its sanctions on Syria?

The Energy Crisis is unsolvable; Securing the Quarter at Best.

The Energy crisis is the epitome of all current crises, as it practically reflects the crisis of the Syrian pound and the inability of the funds available in the national currency to secure the needs of importing the mainstay of production, which is represented in oil. It also reflects the crisis of the decline in the economic and social role of the state apparatus and its inability to secure the basics, in addition to the state of production paralysis affecting the country. The worst, is that all the current indications show that the energy crisis cannot be seriously solved with such resources and such performance.

The Energy Crisis. Less than half of the Minimum Needs. Between Financing and Coping with Sanctions.

Why is it so difficult to provide stable energy flows? Is it the sanctions? Syrian official authorities deny the fact that the sanctions are the main reason of the current economic crisis, rather they point towards adapting to it and to the fact that it existed before. So, according to them, the problem is due to dollar shortage, particularly its shortage in Public Finance, and the inability to pay suppliers.

You Will Normalize… Or Else…

It is no secret that the US has been using different means to push Arab states toward normalization with “Israel”. These means have been for the most part indirect, and using different channels – diplomatic, political, military, civil society, development programs, etc. Though being indirect does not mean necessarily undetectable or unnoticeable; to the contrary, they are often quite obvious. However, we have seen over the last few years more blatant US efforts to push towards normalization with “Israel.”

“Caesar”: A Quagmire and Political Deceit

The new US sanctions package, or the Caesar Act, came into effect yesterday, Wednesday, with a “spectacle” involving cheering, applause, and welcoming on the part of that type of personalities, who were nine years ago begging for external intervention in its various forms, especially militaristic.