A letter to the UN Secretary General and UN Envoy to Syria

The members of the 2nd Conference of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation addressed a universal appeal for all the internal, regional and external powers to lift the siege on the Syrian cities and areas specifically Aleppo being deliberately…

A Resolution on the Conference Documents

The 2nd regular conference of the Syrian opposition Popular Front for Change and Liberation endorsed on its meeting in Damascus on 10/5/2013 the draft documents of the Program and Strategy Theses and the PFCL By-law, presented to it, besides the…


The opposition Popular Front for Change and Liberation in Syria (PFCL) held its second regular conference on the 5th of October 2013 at "DamaRose" hotel in Damascus under the slogan "Dialogue, Political Solution and Conciliation".

A statement by the «People-want Party» leadership

The city of Damascus has witnessed today a terrorist bombing, in the area between «Al Sabe Bahrat» and «Al Shahbander», leading to the fall of 15 martyrs and dozens of casualties, according to the initial reports.
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