PWP condemns persistence in targeting civilians

PWP condemns persistence in targeting civilians

 The People’s Will Party condemns the coward terrorist attacks that targeted the civilians this morning in the coastal cities of Jableh and Tartus, North West of Syria.

The PWP considers that the persistence by the different extremists on all sides in targeting the civilians all over the country, from Qamishli, in the North, to Deraa, to the South, passing by Aleppo, Homs, Lattakia and Tartus, is primarily a proof to the bankruptcy of the programs and rhetoric of these hardliners, who have nothing to introduce to the Syrian people, other than more of their bloodshed.

Carrying on in fighting and eradicating the in-coming terrorism will not happen but through reuniting all Syrian rifles against it, by speeding up the resumption of Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, under UN supervision, in order to make all local, regional and international sides of the Syrian conflict abide by deeply establishing the political solution as the only way out of the devastating Syrian crisis, to preserve Syrian blood and to open prospects for the comprehensive radical change.

 Damascus, May 23, 2016

 People’s Will Party