Jerusalem is Ours Despite of the American Will!

Jerusalem is Ours Despite of the American Will!

Mr. Trump appeared yesterday, with all his arrogance and folly, to declare Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity.

Jerusalem was, and will still remain, the capital of the currently occupied - the soon liberated - Palestine, by means of the determination of its people and all free peoples all over the world.

Trump’s Declaration, though apparently an offensive step, is in essence an expression of the accelerated US-Western, and Zionist, retreat, which are now seeking to fix some fulcrum points to cover their accelerated withdrawal from the entire region, hoping to concentrate their residual forces for the last battle: the attempt to ignite China's borders.

This declaration not only buries the dead Arab official system, with its countries that are begging for normalization of the relations with “Israel”. It also buries all bargaining options, and opens the door wide to the only rightful option: the option of comprehensive resistance, which was, and still, the option of all peoples.

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