We Continue and Pursuit the Road of the Firsts!

We Continue and Pursuit the Road of the Firsts!

A Statement by People's Will Party

On the 74th anniversary of Evacuation Day, the day of independence of Syria from the French colonialism, the Syrians commemorate the clear and pure memory of the first revolutionaries, the founders of the Syrian state: Yusuf al-'Azma, Sultan Pasha al-Atrash, Saleh Al-Ali, Abd Al-Rahman Shahbandar, Ahmed Merayuid, Ibrahim Hananu, Muhammad al-Ashmar, Fawzi al-Qawuqji, Hasan al-Kharrat, Sheikh Ismail Al-Hariri, Ayash Al-Jassem, Ramadan Shalash, Sa'id Agha Dagouri, and other patriotic heroes who paved the road for us, and we should continue and complete on that road.

It is these leaders who laid the first solid foundation for a comprehensive Syrian national identity, so they have been characterized not only by their heroism and courage, but also their altruism, wisdom, and even asceticism towards power and power's posts. Their shining example inspires the Syrians today, touching their hearts and illuminating their minds for a rebirth of Syria, the country that is full with wounds and pains contributed by both its enemies abroad and the corruptors from within.

One hundred years after laying the foundations of Syria, which took place in the Battle of Maysaloon itself, Syria today stands close to the date of its new birth, and its full independence for the first time in its history. If the struggles of the firsts had achieved political independence and a partial economic independence, then the restoration of political independence and the completion of economic and cultural independence are the tasks of the present.

Thrones of global and local injustice that were shaken with the victories of the global revolutionary movement in the first half of the twentieth century, and with the struggles of the sons of Syria and their liberation movement, are now to confront a great earthquakes that open the door to destroy and uproot those thrones, and the new international balance is only a preliminary witness to what the world would face in the near future.

In Syria itself, the full implementation of the political solution through UNSC Resolution 2254 represents the wide gate from which Syria will enter into a future that has the purity and cleanliness of the first revolutionaries, and has all varieties of good inherent in the land of Syria and its people.

On the path of the founding leaders we walk, and complete the road of the firsts!

Damascus, 17 April 2020

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