Make the Change Real!

Make the Change Real!

The various tracks related to UNSC resolution 2254 and the solution to the Syrian crisis, whether those tracks are Geneva, Astana, Sochi or the Constitutional Commission, continue to worked on step by step and through many difficulties. Progress in any of them is, in sum, useful for the whole process. However, the essence of the matter is still, as always have been, the necessity for radical, deep and comprehensive national democratic change.


Since the independence of Syria to this day, there are few occasions in which the Syrian people were asked what they wanted for their life and the life of their country. This has allowed the accumulation of a huge number of crises at various levels. The years since 2011 up to the present day, have been nothing but an expression of the explosion of these accumulated crises.

On the economic level, the decades-old economic model which has been applied, with the modernizations and liberal vandalizing "reforms" that the country has been subjected to during the last two decades – such a model proved itself to be a model based on weak growth and unfair distribution of wealth for the interests of the profit owners, and against the productive public. It also proved to be based on the big disseminating and ever-growing corruption, day after day, up to the point of the annihilation of of any real growth potential within the existing coordinates. The political economic system which is unable to achieve growth, not to mention justice, is a system unable to solve the simplest problems, so how would it be expected to be able to solve a crisis as catastrophic as the Syrian crisis? This means that a new model, that achieves the deepest social justice and the highest growth, is necessary not only to solve the problems and crises accumulated, but also necessary for the survival and continuity of the country.

The currently applied economic model is accompanied by a political model based on a very low level of political freedoms, so that if the latter are raised the model can no longer continue, because the big corrupters and benefiters from the crisis are in constant need to protect themselves from the anger of the looted people, through distracting them and drowning them splitted about minor conflicts, and impeding the potential of any effective political activity based on modern legal foundations that allow people to organize their ranks and defend their rights peacefully.

The internal economic and political aspects are also strongly linked to Syria's position on the map of global economic-political relations, which has maintained Syria for the latest half a century in the framework of those countries economically dependent on the West, and plundered by the West in company with the internal plunderers of these countries characterized by their poor economic productivity and scientific development.

The current processes at the various political tracks of Syria, and under the ongoing international transition from the world of unequal exchange and Western hegemony, toward a more equal world, place the possibility of radical change in Syria at the center of realistic feasibility.

From the point of view of the internal development of Syria, this possibility has long ceased to be a theoretical possibility. It has become an existential necessity for the continuation of the state, which finds its optimal expression and its obligatory way towards reality by applying the essence of resolution 2254; that is the attainment of the Syrian people its right to self-determination in words and deeds…
This is the only way out of the crisis, and the only way to keep Syria, and without which there will be no meaning to all the tracks that are being talked about, whether taken separately or combined!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 921, July 08, 2019

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