The «Difficult Decisions» and the New Model!

The «Difficult Decisions» and the New Model!

US officials recently said that the solution in Syria would pass through «difficult decisions» that «all parties» have to take.


It is not so complicated to get to know the essence of the difficult decisions that the Americans are talking about; they are difficult decisions relative to them, on top of them is the withdrawal of all from Syria, including the withdrawal of the Zionist entity from the occupied Syrian Golan.

In itself, the decisions are not the most difficult thing in the matter, but the difficulty lies in the meanings implied in these decisions and their dimensions and effects.

The full implementation of the UNSCR 2254, i.e. the achievement of the political solution in Syria, will reflect the new international balance for the first time in a way not restricted to one side, whether economic, military or political... but including all aspects simultaneously and in the most complete and crystallized form.

The implementation of the resolution is an explicit declaration of entry into the last chapter of a historic era, which can well be said, without exaggeration, that it has extended for centuries; the era of dependence on the West, the era of division of the world between core states and periphery states, between followed and follower, between colonizer and colonized.

If difficult foreign decisions stand between the Syrians and the solution to their crisis, the biggest difficulty they face as concrete tasks that they themselves should undertake their solution, are the difficult internal decisions that must be made in the various political, economic and social fields, and the harsh concessions to be made by the extremists in all parties and for the benefit of Syria and the Syrian people.

On the political side, in parallel with the task of restoring national sovereignty in its various senses, the repressive structure, which is essentially the ideal soil for the political subordination to the outside world, must be completely ended. This structure constitutes the aforementioned soil because of it estranges the people's will and resistance and the minimizes any area for their political activity, and so letting the brokers of the West to control the country, economically and socially, and deepen its looting. The coming out of this structure requires a series of profound changes starting with the Constitution and through the various forms of laws and guarantees of their application. On the economic side, there are major problems that are not restricted to the reconstruction, but goes beyond that to a major task: how to get 90 percent of the Syrians out from below the poverty line. This requires a new model that achieves the deepest social justice and the highest growth. Such a model necessarily passes through «difficult decisions» of striking the big corrupt mercilessly, which can not be done without a radical political change whose key is the implementation of UNSCR 2254.

On the social side, too, difficult and substantial decisions are needed: the issue of the return of refugees, how to restore national unity, heal the deep wounds of the crisis, and many other major problems, including the dire conditions of childhood, education and health.

On the side of USA and its allies, getting into the «difficult decisions» means exactly their entry into a compulsory course for treatment of their addiction to the looting and subjugation of peoples and control of peoples' destinies. In the internal Syrian sense, the treatment of addiction is the same, too. Big corrupters and Western brokers are also addicted to the pillage and suppression of the Syrian people. Therefore, Therapy in both cases should therefore be compulsory. Furthermore, in advanced cases of addiction, the patient should be isolated and possibly restricted by chains to prevent him from harming others during the hospitalization period.

The creation of the new model in Syria, through the gate of the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254, is the only way to stop the harm by the «addicts» of every form and type, and in order to reach a new world which is waiting for the Syrian model in particular, as the first model for a post-dependency world.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 917, June 10, 2019

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