US Ado About A Thing: A Gradual Collapse!

US Ado About A Thing: A Gradual Collapse!

After the rise of the US ado over the past months about Iran, from the withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and then the imposition of sanctions, and the tightening of sanctions time after time, reaching brinkmanship after the downing of the drone, through the threat of a military strike, and even the logistical preparation of such a strike, the US mountain of escalation gave birth to a mouse, and the calls for dialogue and negotiation returned to dominate the scene.

The Iranian example is not the only one in this context, and not the first of its kind; does anyone hear anything today about Venezuela and the "horrific" US campaign that would turn Venezuela upside down? This is also another example of the so-called brinkmanship policy. So is the case in Syria, North Korea and Ukraine. It is enough for a phenomenon to be repeated twice only to reveal that some law-governed regularity, and it should be explored to be discovered, let alone if it repeated many times, including the five occasions mentioned above.

The US-Western crisis and its resulting division and decline, which we had said since the beginning of this century and even in the mid-1990s, that it is inevitably coming. For many, we were saying crazy. This crisis became more deeply and widely uncovered than to be abel to be hidden behind any analysis or false slogans.

It is this very crisis which is pushing Washington, and the Western camp in general, towards further division and decline, threatening of the collapse of the whole system, imposed its options on the ruling elites. The division became exclusively between two strategies: either continuation of the policies of escalation and even beyond brinkmanship until falling down off the brink, through any small-, medium-, or large-scale clash that the United States can not tolerate, considering its dire situation, therefore to go towards a rapid collapse with great and comprehensive consequences that could bring the whole system to its knees.

The other alternative is to search for a way to adjust the process of decline, slow it down and encircling it within limits, so that the highest goal is to reach, through a gradual collapse, to a state that prevents the collapse of the entire system; that is, the desired end result is full, or almost complete, withdrawal toward the inside, and keeping the system within those limits. But even that will not happen without major changes within the US borders. Trump's "creative" solution to this end is precisely the brinkmanship policy. The rapid decline is a reality, and the ascending countries continue to tighten the grip around the power of the dollar in the various implications of this power, and encircle it daily. Therefore, the US ado today, namely the Trump's ado, against the background of the US internal division, is aimed at two main things:

First, to show exaggerations more than the hardliner and extremist part of the US political regime, to prevent the latter from achieving what it wants in the internal national framework, by means of containing it through raising the degree of loudness and sharpness of the noise in statements and foreign steps, and at the same time keeping Tramp's inward-oriented electoral promises in preparation for the upcoming elections, which he seems likely to win.

Second, the use of this maneuver between negotiation and escalation, to achieve the desired goal «gradual collapse» of the American empire, and the unipolar world, as an alternative to the accelerated and catastrophic collapse that would not only threaten the whole world, but more importantly from the point of view of the US elite, it would threaten the social economic system which keeps them on top of the hierarchy.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 919, June 24, 2019

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