Vandals in a Race Against the New Syria!

Vandals in a Race Against the New Syria!

The Syrian economic file is witnessing a number of heavy and «interdependent» operations of vandalism, on top of them are the following:

First: the continuation and escalation of Western sanctions.

Second: burning a large section of the wheat crops for this season, which targets a combination of objectives:

1 - It is a continuation of the economic sanctions through internal instruments serving as same political ends as sanctions.

2 - It is a «ploughing» of the land by following the method of Major corporations, especially the US ones, which work in pesticides, fertilizers, genetic modification, and on top of them Monsanto. Various local seeds are being eliminated and even prevented from being used, with forcing the peasants to plant the Genetically modified seeds from the company resulting in seedless crops in order to force peasants to buy seeds from the company on an annual basis. Furthermore, these seeds only grow by using pesticides and fertilizers produced by the same company, too.
Furthermore, the larger quantity of Seeds types sold by the company to the countries of our region – as illustrated by Iraq for example – grow a hard wheat that is not suitable for the making bread but for the industry of noodle products; that is, the largest proportion of this wheat is suitable for export in the interest of the company and the big brokers, in parallel with the lack of self-sufficiency of soft wheat, or bread wheat.

3 - The third «benefit» of these incineration operations, although the direct perpetrators may be Syrians belonging to various Syrian parties, is to exempt the main actor and turn the issue into a new occasion for feeding hatred and mutual accusations between the Syrian parties, to further deepen the gap between them and to complicate reaching understandings that distance the US from the region, and to move away the political solution in general.

Thirdly: Continuing the destructive policies of liberalism in their different directions, as currently evidenced by the completion of the lifting of subsidies on fuels reaching to the point of floating the prices of selected types of fuel in accordance with the international market, as well as the continued collapse of the purchasing value of the Syrian pound, which the declined exchange rate reflects one aspect of it.

Understanding the above facts and reflecting upon their ends requires a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the international situation on the one hand, and the nature of the expected effects on the Syrian file on the other hand.

It is clear that the general decline of the United States has reached to a point where it can no longer continue its presence in the region for a long time, and particularly in Syria; The final withdrawal from Syria is imminent, because the size of the American forces and capabilities no longer allow them to remain in all the points of concentration, and the re-positioning – which implicitly means the forced abandonment of part of the points of concentration – became urgent.

In such a situation, the Americans, and those who are scared of the effects of the US departure on the Syria inside – we mean the forces of big corruption of both parties – these days are practicing the highest possible levels of vandalism, and by doing so, they are holding to the hope that this may allow bringing the country into chaos. In other words, the US side itself today is no longer in a situation that enables it to make sabotage directly, and it became necessarily bound to rely almost entirely on internal terrorists, extremists and big corrupters.

The bright side of the matter, is that these corrupters and the extremists, as they are, have become weaker than any time before, and eliminating them politically became a real possibility the Syrian patriots should join forces and prepare to achieve it within the near term!

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 918, June 17, 2019

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