Mr. Nicolás Maduro, Acting President of Venezuela,

Mr. Nicolás Maduro, Acting President of Venezuela,

The Leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Respectable family members of late leader Hugo Chavez

Dear all

On behalf of the leadership, members and supporters of the People-want Party of Syria, we express our deep sorrows and comradely condolences for the passing away of the Venezuelan, pan-Latin-American and international prominent leader Hugo Chavez Frias.

Most of the Syrian people and politicians will always remember Comandante Chavez as a close friend and a supporter of the Syrian and Arab causes againstthe Israeli entity and imperialist hegemony and for independence, national sovereignty and in service of mutual interests based on mutual respect.

Being fully aware that our common enemies of imperialism and its right-wing local and regional puppets will attempt to avail themselves from this sorrowful tragedy to regain what they have lost under the pioneering and prosperous Bolivarian project launched and established by the late President, we are fully confident that the Venezuelan poor and popular strata will defend their democratic rights and wealthy struggle heritage of Chavez.

The Presidium of the People-want Party

Damascus, March 6, 2013