Invitations to the 10th Conference of the People-want Party

Invitations to the 10th Conference of the People-want Party

addressed to some diplomatic corps in Syria and some Syrian and Arab national, communist and left-wing parties and organizations

Your Excellency,

The People-want Party has decided to hold its Tenth Conference, the First Foundation one after being officially registered, in Damascus, Workers and Trade-Union Institute premises, at 10 AM, on  June 6-7, 2013, under the slogan: «Towards Change and Liberation».

Being now the major opposition communist and popular power inside Syria, the People-want Party (PWP) is both pleased and honored to invite your Diplomatic Corps, to attend what we consider as a new phase in the long march of the PWP, previously known as the National Committee for the Unity of Syrian Communists.

Taking into consideration the dangerous and pressing crisis Syria has been suffering from, more than two years now, at the expense of the on-going Syrian bloodshed, threatening its people national army, national sovereignty and territorial integrity, at the hands of both domestic hardlinersof every track, on one hand, and the external, regional and international, destabilization and hegemony players affiliated to Zionism and the US imperialism, on the other, we understand that this conference is an important event to enhance our vision, program and internal constitution, in order to continue with taking a major and decisive part in solving and surpassing the current national crisis and realizing the comprehensive, radical, deep, gradual and peaceful change that the Syrian people want and respectfully deserve.

Keeping in mind the positive role of your country in supporting a peaceful solution for the Syrian people’s dilemma, we are looking forward towards confirming your participation, and sharing a
5-minute speech.


Best Regards

On behalf of the Secretariat of

        The People-want Party

            Dr. Kadri Jamil

Damascus May 26, 2013