Dr. Jamil: There is not yet one list representing the whole spectrum of opposition

Dr. Jamil: There is not yet one list representing the whole spectrum of opposition

The head of the Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition Kadri Jamil affirmed today (17-07-2018) that there is no one list of the constitutional committee representing the entire spectrum of opposition from Geneva to Sochi through Astana, commenting on the statements of President Putin.

In a response to a question by RT to Dr. Jamil about his vision of President Putin's answer that the opposition have not submitted its candidates to the constitutional committee, Dr. Jamil said:

"I think the issue is not recognition or non-recognition of one list or another, but in fact there is not yet one list representing the whole spectrum of the opposition from Geneva to Sochi through Astana. The negotiating commission is considered an important part of the opposition, but not the entire opposition, which is comprised of several components, some of which, if we want to mention; the Riyadh platform, the Moscow platform and the Cairo platform, which were mentioned in resolution 2254, but at the same time, in resolution 2254, they are followed by adding "and others".

In other words, the resolution was not limited to these three platforms. There are other component emerged from the Syrian National Dialogue Conference in Sochi. No one of those should be overlooked.

I would like to mention that it was a big mistake for the majority of the negotiating commission not to attend the Syrian Dialogue Conference in Sochi, which was initiated by the three guarantors and in the presence of the United Nations. We at the Moscow platform warned that this decision was a big mistake, and we, as the Moscow platform, participated in the Sochi conference.

Dr. Jamil added: "Everyone must understand that the United Nations can not ignore any of the opposition forces and can not bow to the mood of some party that wants to tailor the opposition to fit its own size, under the influence of a certain international, regional or local party.

It would have been better if the Syrian opposition forces could take the initiative to hold meetings and consultations with each other. Sochi was very suitable for such a meeting so that a list of candidates for the Constitutional Committee could be agreed upon, including all the opposition components, especially in the presence of representatives from entire opposition regions who had agreed to the truce and the cessation of fighting and had been promised that it would have a role in the process of political transition. How can they be ignored while they are in fact on the ground and fought in recent years and played an active role also in the face of terrorists like Daesh, Al-Nusra Front and others... I think that is what the Russian president meant when he said during his answer to a question that the opposition was unable, up to now, to submit its list of representatives to the Constitutional Committee".

Jamil said that several days before the Sochi conference, Lavrov received the delegation of the negotiating commission and explained to them at length the importance of this conference to unite the opposition on the ground of some vision to be ready for dialogue with the regime. Unfortunately, the Commission did not benefit from Lavrov's advice. Today we pay the price for the mistakes committed, because this situation delays the process of starting the dialogue for political transition in accordance with Security Council resolution 2254, while our people continue to suffer living in the tragic situation.

Source: RT

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