PWP meets with Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa

PWP meets with Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa

Under an invitation by the Embassy of South Africa in Damascus, a delegation of the leadership of the People’s Will Party met earlier today (May 19, 2016) with Ms. Nomaindia Mfeketo, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, and the accompanying delegation, who are visiting Syria currently as part of regional tour, that has started in Jordan and will end in Lebanon.

The PWP delegation that included Alaa Arafat, Party Secretary and Obada Bouzou, Party Secretary and head of Media and International Relations, introduced in the meeting that was attended by Ambassador Shaun Byneveldt, its vision to the recent Syrian developments, under the attempts by different sides to hinder the political solution of the Syrian crisis on negotiation basis, under different excuses, including calls for breaking the truce and suspension of participation in Geneva Intra Syrian Talks, despite the dangerous impacts of these trends against the Syrian people and their continuous sufferings. The PWP delegation warned against US covert attempts to waste time and let the six-month period of the UNSCR 2254 pass, without reaching significant results, in order to address the UN Security Council, once more, to call upon a new resolution with new terms and paragraphs.

The delegation exposed the procrastination and delay attempts by the US, with regard to separating terrorist groups from other militants, closing the Turkish-Syrian borders, and completing the representation of Syrian oppositions in Geneva. It made clear, on the other hand that the crisis in Syria surpasses a problem of governmental misconduct, here or there, rather it is a problem with the regime, as a whole.

The delegation briefed the visitors on the activities and proposals of the Secular Democratic Delegation to Geneva Intra- Syrian Talks, stressing that the political negotiated solution is the only exit out of the crisis, and that it is the actual Syrian people’s   voice, excluded so far. It underlined that this solution is going to take place against different odds, due as well to the sincere efforts of the actual friends of the Syrian people, who are assuming greater roles on the international arena, in comparison with the retreat suffered by the USA.

Ms. Mfeketo praised the clear patriotic presentations she listened to, within a short period of time, by a Syrian opposition force that has the ability to make clear cuts in analyzing the different and complicated elements of the Syrian scene, indicating South Africa’s historical story of surviving internal conflicts. She underlined the important and constructive role the real communists can play, depending always on the people.

Ambassador Byneveldt underlined, in turn, the importance and usefulness of the meetings that take place periodically with the leadership of the People’s Will Party.

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