Jamil warns against attempts to wasting time of 2254 six month period

Jamil warns against attempts to wasting time of 2254 six month period

PWP Secretary, and Co-Chairman of Secular Democratic Delegation to Geneva Intra-Syrian Talks, Dr. Kadri Jamil, held a press conference at Ria Novosti news agency in Moscow, on May 19, 2016. The conference tackled the recent Syrian developments and the evolution of the political solution of the Syrian crisis along Geneva track, particularly in the wake of the recent Vienna ISSG meeting, to which he was invited on formal basis. Dr. Jamil made the following initial presentation during the conference, before taking questions by the journalists:

Allow me first of all to express my gratitude to the Russian Federation, other sides ,and to the Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, for exerting huge efforts in order to prevent failure in Geneva , and to fulfill UNSCR 2254, related to solving the Syrian crisis.

It’s quite obvious that some European countries, France and Britain in particular, besides the regional players , are fully upset at the joint efforts paid by the Russia and the United States, and their persistence to implement that international resolution. They are attempting to hinder these efforts, and to spoil them if possible. This would lead to the complete ruin of Syria, through their fierce action to spoil truce initiatives, cessation of hostilities and preventing direct dialogue between the Syrian regime and oppositions.

I would like to draw your kind attention that one of the basic element in UNSCR 2254 is to preserve the Syrian Army and the Syrian State structure as a whole, while some of those I spoke about are working on destroying that structure through continuing with trafficking in insurgency, weapons and funds.

It’s clear as well that some circles tried to use the invitations for the recent Vienna ISSG meeting as a cover for imposing the same scenario, that had started with the Riyadh delegation participation suspension in Geneva, in order to create a situation characterized by truce and dialogue failures, to say that returning to the military solution is inevitable. This has been exactly what Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and some Syrian oppositions ever wanted, since the release of 2254.

The ultimate goal of this scheme is to reach empty handed the end of the six-month period, stipulated in the Resolution as a timetable to get to the Transitional Period, in order to call for a new UNSC meeting, that should presumably come up with a new decision, under the 7th Paragraph, in a move that will naturally be faced by a Veto. At the end of the day, these attempts are trying to abort the possibilities for reaching an internationally approved agreement , i.e. instead of  putting an end to the sufferings of the Syrian people, the solution of the crisis is being hindered along with the process of realizing change in Syria through dialogue. Needless to say is that any success in this scenario would be catastrophic, not only in Syria, rather in Lebanon, Jordan and the entire region, as the fascist terrorism would spread all over the world, and the war and drug business be flourishing. This would reflect an advanced stage of the so-called creative chaos that does not recognize any human or historical value. We all witnessed the destruction and devastation in Palmyra, for example, at the hands if ISIS.

Speaking about this, I would like to extend my thanks for all those who took part in Palmyra (musical) event. It was a powerful signal that the will for life is stronger than that of death. It was a significant symbolic indication that defeating the forces of fascism, destruction and death is the track that will prevail from now on. These were the meanings of Palmyra event, and not what was understood by few prejudiced people who turn blind eyes to flagrant truth, take Walid Junbalat remarks on the event as an example. He could not, or did not, realize that this event was of no less importance than the Red Square Military Parade that took place at the eve of Moscow Battle against fascism (during WWII), with the presence of Joseph Stalin, signaling the retreat of fascism back to its own home. 

Jamil afterwards answered questions, stressing that it is quite important to protect the current Cessation of Hostilities agreement , to broaden the range of the truce, against the wills of hardliners from different sides who declare that the truce is harming their narrow interests. He warned that otherwise there will be no meaning or substance for any negotiation process, as there will be no Syria in the senses we know, so far.

Answer another question,  Dr. Jamil said that no political process in Geneva would be completed without participation of the Syrian Kurds, in reference to the Democratic Partywhich is a major Syrian opposition force that at same time fight against ISIS, saying that they would join the process at any time, later on.