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Extending al-Jolani’s Mission… The “Show” Goes on

Since mid-2019, hardly two months pass without al-Jolani makes an appearance to us with a new statement or move. While many see this as his way not to deprive us of his “amiability” and to remind everyone that he is still present and relevant, which is certainly one of the explanations, what is more important is that these appearances have also become one of the tools used by those who have worked tirelessly, and for years on end, on the efforts to whitewash al-Nusra. In addition, each new appearance carries with it its own significances within the timeframe in which it occurs, including the latest appearance.

More than 3 Million are Injured in Syria; A Comprehensive File; and A Mock Management

In 2017, the World Health Organization estimated that nearly 3 million people in Syria are war-injured, and are suffering from disabilities at different levels. That is, nearly 15% of the population in Syria back then were living with the pain and the direct consequences of war on their bodies. The vast majority of them are forgotten, and they are not surrounded by any “special care” or compensation, not even by the cameras of international organizations.

Features from the “Black Hole” of Corruption; Is 77% the proportion of Wasting Public Investment?

There is a striking phenomenon in the Syrian statistics in recent years, which is: a large increase in the proportion of GDP devoted for investment. That is, a larger part of the income produced annually goes to local investment, while a smaller proportion goes to consumption, whether private consumption that household consumption constitutes most of it, or public consumption spent by the government.

Oil and Electricity; What is Said on Official Media vs. What Reality Says.

The production of electricity in Syria is becoming an important indicator of the level of economic deterioration. While those concerned with the energy sector (producing and generating oil and gas) talk about prospects for the future amidst deterioration, indicators related to the political economic structure of contracts and partnerships limit the serious possible improvement in the situation of electricity production.

(Revolutionary) Solutions via Solar Power are New Illusions!

There are a lot of statements about generating solar power under the suffocating electricity crisis. However, not even 25% of the daily needs of Syrians in their homes is secured, while entire regions in the country nearly get no electricity! Amidst the escalating electricity deterioration, the repeated talk about solar power perhaps reflects other investment and narrow aspects.

Without Political Settlement; “No Economy” and “No Syria”.

The Syrian economic situation is controlled by politics with all its details and daily events, and it is shackled with high obstaces that can not be surpassed through half solutions but only through a comprehensive political settlement which reconstitutes the country, brings its parts together, and ends the dispersal of its people. All politically and economically active powers in the Syrian situation are clearly aware of this fact, whether those who want to invest in the reconstruction of Syria and its future or those who invest in its destruction today! Those powers of “investment’ are waiting until the nature and potential of upcoming partnerships - according to their perspective - appear. At this current phase, none of them is seriously seeking to take any step except to the extent that prevents a complete collapse and allows remaining at the edge of the abyss.

Bread and Energy; $3 Billion. Larger than the Remains of the State Apparatus.

Energy and Bread; there is perhaps nothing that intensifies the material and economic essentials of any social structure more than these two components. Bread is enough for survival, and energy is necessary for moving forward and for work. The abundance of these two components is the necessary and inadequate limit to guarantee economic, political, and social security. When the economic and political structure is “lenient” with bread and energy crises, then it is practically not looking for the essentials for survival or moving forward, and is indifferent about falling into the abyss.   

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