Kassioun Editorial 1155: Realistic Hopes for the New Year

Kassioun Editorial 1155: Realistic Hopes for the New Year

The year 2023 will pass with all the pain, blood, and destruction it brought to the vast majority of humanity, particularly to the peoples of our region. However, just as deep a pain it carried, it bolstered and established realistic hopes for building a new world. A world in which the power of the Western and American-Zionist center is receding, and with it the power of criminal global financial capital, as well as the modern colonial system, and its affiliated branches all over the world.

The law of the acceleration of history, which Marx discovered early on, is operating in the clearest way in our current era. The general tendency for the development of events at the global level, which became tangible with the beginning of the battle in Ukraine in 2022, was not only irreversibly confirmed in 2023, but also moved to a new phase that is broader in scope and faster than before.

  • All illusions of breaking the Chinese-Russian alliance, which has become a fundamental center for all new global and regional alliances, have collapsed, and the alliance has become an essential solid nucleus in building the new international system.
  • The BRICS alliance surpassed the Western G7 in its share of global product, and this was before BRICS expanded to include six new regional countries, whose accession constituted a qualitative shift towards redrawing the global map according to the new balances.
  • A significant additional area in Africa has been liberated from Western influence, in both its ancient and modern colonial forms.
  • The “Abraham Accords” were buried, the actual purpose of which was not only to protect the Zionist entity in the midst of an existential crisis, but also to lay the foundation for comprehensive destruction in our region, based on fueling sectarian divisions, especially between Saudi Arabia and Iran.
  • Not only were the Abraham Accords buried, but the fate of the Camp David and Wadi Araba Accords is now on the agenda after four decades of Zionist arrogance and bullying in our region, and even in quite a few African countries.
  • Washington, along with the Zionist entity, received a severe blow on October 7, and is still receiving blows to this moment, and it has no way out except comprehensive chaos that encompasses our entire region, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The possibilities of achieving this comprehensive chaos are shrinking day after day, with every new blow the Zionist entity receives. October 7 was not only a military blow, but also a political, media, and economic one. In a word, it was and still is a strategic blow that will open the door to a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue in the foreseeable future, and to end the last apartheid regime on the face of the earth, once and for all.
  • Regimes that are hostile to the interests of their people, and which constitute an extension of the modern colonial system, are also losing their ability to maneuver, and their tools at their disposal are shrinking, and they are getting closer to the moment of radical reconfiguration, in a way that is consistent with the emerging new international order, in a manner consistent with the interests of the peoples.

In Syria, the tragedy continues and deepens at all levels. Perhaps one of the most important indicators of this tragedy is the minimum cost of living for a Syrian family, which at the beginning of 2023 reached 2.5 million Syrian pounds per month and has reached 7.5 million Syrian pounds by the end of the year, without any significant increase in wages. This means that the living condition today is three times worse what it was at the beginning of the year.

This situation will continue to deteriorate, and at greater speeds, as long as there is no political solution. This is because those who are in control internally have proven with sufficient evidence their complete bias in favor of the plundering elites and against the interests of the Syrian people. They have also proven that they have no problem with neutralizing Syria’s role and historical function in the regional framework, as long as this serves their narrow interests.

The situation in Syria, despite how tragic it is, is also, like the global situation as a whole, moving towards radical changes imposed by the new realities. Implicitly, neutralizing the West and its “step for step” type games will be the main task in 2024, and the basic tool will be continuing to proceed within the Astana process in coordination and cooperation with key Arab countries and with China, to reach the full implementation of UNSC Resolution 2254 and through the Syrian-Turkish settlement, as an important step to break Western sanctions, blockade, extortion.

(النسخة العربية)