Kassioun Editorial 1154: Beyond Gaza

Kassioun Editorial 1154: Beyond Gaza

The Americans announced their three “NOs”: “NO to a ceasefire, NO to expanding the war, and NO to a widespread ground invasion”, a few days after the Zionist aggression on Gaza started. Since then, it became possible to predict the nature of the goals that Washington set before it, and subsequently predict the boundaries of the required battles and the general lines according to which it would seek to manage said battles.

Perhaps the most important conclusion that can be confirmed regarding American management of the battle is that the required battle goes far beyond the borders of the Gaza Strip and the borders of Palestine. The slogans “NO to expanding the war” in parallel with “NO to a ceasefire” are precisely intended to prevent a direct war between the Zionist entity and several countries in the region, in exchange for the need to expand the war in the form of comprehensive chaos that includes the entire region. This begins specifically with Egypt, where pressures are being intensified around and within it from all sides – militarily, politically, economically, and in the media. This aim to igniting it from within, which would turn into a detonator of a comprehensive explosion for the entire region, and it is clear that its immediate next target will be Saudi Arabia.

In this context, it is possible to understand the developments taking place in Sudan recently, and the beginnings of new tension in Libya. It is also possible to understand the new American coalition that uses the Houthi attacks as an excuse and sets protecting navigation in the Red Sea as the declared goal, while practically seeking to stop navigation in the Red Sea. This is evident by the practical behavior of major Western shipping companies and marine insurance companies.

As for Syria and Lebanon, what matters to the Americans in this equation is only to prevent them from obstructing the broader plan for comprehensive chaos, because these two countries have long ago entered, albeit to varying degrees, into a state of comprehensive chaos and functional paralysis.

As for Netanyahu and his government, his fate is not important to the Americans, and he can be sacrificed at any time, especially if he tries to irreversibly break the American “NOs”, which is what he tried to do recently and was partially restrained. He could be permanently removed if he continues trying to do so.

For the picture to become clearer, it should be said that the time frame for the American plan to detonate the entire region is not limited to weeks or months, but actually requires several years. The war on Gaza and Palestine, within this plan, is not the final goal, but rather a tool to increase the temperature and increase the contradictions in the entire region to facilitate reaching the goal: comprehensive chaos.

Therefore, it becomes understandable what Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor, said about “the necessity of moving from the phase of high-intensity operations [in Gaza] to the phase of low-intensity operations”. What Sullivan did not say, but it can be inferred, is that the required transition is towards a new, low-intensity military form, precisely because what is required is for it to be long-term, and it cannot be long-term without expanding the scope of direct war unless it is low-intensity.

The US plan for comprehensive chaos has become clear, in its general outlines at least, to keen observers, and it will become clear to everyone before too long. Even if there is a truce of some extent in Palestine, the US will be careful that it does not reach a real, comprehensive ceasefire, and of course, not reach a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue, which has become the most important concrete and imminent declaration of the comprehensive collapse of the American system.

Going back to the beginning, the overall US activity towards our region is, in fact, an attempt to escape forward to evade the origin and essence of the crisis that Washington and the West are experiencing. The “new international balance” and “multi-polarity” express only one aspect of this crisis, while at its core lies a comprehensive economic, social, geopolitical, and cultural crisis. It is a comprehensive mode of production crisis that has no solution except with the collapse of American hegemony and the collapse of the entire modern colonial system, starting with the last racist settler-colonialism in the world: the “Israeli” occupation.

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