Kassioun Editorial 1153: “Step for Step”… What’s Hidden May be Worse!

Kassioun Editorial 1153: “Step for Step”… What’s Hidden May be Worse!

Syrian and international parties continue to talk about what they call the “step for step” plan. In parallel, there continue to be media-political analyses and readouts, classifying this or that detail of what is happening in and around Syria as part of the implementation of said plan. However, the unanswered question remains: What is this “step for step”?

Even when the question is directed at the UN Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, who is supposed to be the owner of this plan, and after more than a year since first proposing it, he does not have (or does not provide) any concrete response about its nature or elements. This actually means “what is hidden may be worse”.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult to understand the content of this plan, based on knowing who is behind it and what their interests are. It is no secret that the main supporter of the “step for step” is the US, whose main effort, throughout the years of the crisis, was focused on prolonging and deepening it, leading to ending any role for Syria, and ending Syria itself if possible.

It suffices to recall what Washington’s Syrian envoy, James Jeffrey, said, who considered that “stalemate is stability” is what is required in Syria, and that his mission was to “turn Syria into a quagmire for the Russians”. These words sum up the US political reality, not only towards Syria, but also towards the entire world. The whole world is a single battlefield that must be ignited through endless hybrid wars in defense of the crumbling US hegemony and to evade the capitalist crisis in its current phase.

Returning to the “step for step”, in essence it is not far from what Jeffrey has said. It is a plan to perpetuate, deepen, and “stabilize chaos”. Also, the slogan “step for step” is nothing but a development of the Western slogan “changing the regime’s behavior”, instead of a political solution and instead of 2254. That is, “step for step”, even if those who push for it disguise themselves with 2254, it is in fact a completely different track. It has nothing to do with the resolution, and in fact it is a path completely opposite to that of the political solution through 2254, the implementation of which guarantees reunifying Syria and the Syrian people, the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria, and launching political change based on consensus among Syrians based on the will of the Syrian people.

Quite contrarily, “step for step” is a series of under-the-table deals, disguised by the UNSC resolution, and suggesting to Syrian extremists that it is ready to give them “fulfillment” in exchange for certain concessions. These concessions would not be made to the Syrian people, but to those countries in particular, primarily Washington, and with it, of course, the Zionist entity as a secret party to the deal, but possibly not-so-secretly at a later stage.

The essence of the plan is preventing the political solution and deepening and perpetuating the division, to maintain the existing state of paralysis in Syria and in its regional role during the most historical moments in which this role should be present, and to maintain and perpetuate the “stalemate” to complete the displacement of as many Syrians as possible, in the hope that there will no longer be a material carrier for Syria’s survival as a state.

Economists say that the dollar financial pyramid, at its best, is based on a ratio between inflationary and real of 100 to 1. This means that the US’ actual economic size at the global level is in fact 1% of the apparent weight that it still occupies. The same applies to the political plans and projects adopted by Washington, from the “Arab NATO” to the “Abraham Accords” to the “Deal of the Century” to the “Indian-Middle East-European Corridor”, and others, all the way to “step for step”. The real weight of these projects on the ground does not exceed at best 1% of their political media size.

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