Kassioun Editorial 1150: The Truce, the Beginning of Recognizing Palestinian Victory

Kassioun Editorial 1150: The Truce, the Beginning of Recognizing Palestinian Victory

Throughout its recent aggression against Gaza, the Zionist entity continued to reject any talk about a ceasefire, and even refused to talk about any truce. However, in the end it submitted to a temporary four-day truce that began last Friday, including an exchange of prisoners.

The Zionist entity’s submission to this truce – especially its submission to the conditions and warnings of the Palestinian resistance to break the truce if it does not implement its conditions, including the criterion of seniority among the liberated Palestinian prisoners – is the beginning of the Zionist entity’s recognition of defeat, which before long will become a complete de facto recognition.

Let’s recall that the Zionist entity began its war with a ridiculous ceiling of goals, that included displacing the people of Gaza to Egypt. Later, the goals included partially displacing the people of Gaza from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south, eliminating Hamas, destroying tunnels, preventing the launching of rockets from Gaza, liberating its prisoners without releasing any of the Palestinian prisoners, blockading entry of aid, and completely preventing the entry of fuel.

Now, which of these goals have been achieved for the Zionist entity to accept the truce? Nothing at all. On the contrary, accepting this truce means implicit recognition of the opposing side with whom the truce is being made, i.e., the Palestinian resistance, with Hamas at its heart. It is an admission that its soldiers are trembling in terror in every corner of Gaza they enter, and they are get struck from every direction, from above and below the ground, and through the tunnels they want to destroy. It means an admission that it is unable to stop the launching of rockets from Gaza, the last of which were just hours before the truce took effect. It is an admission that its prisoners could only be returned through a prisoner exchange, that is, as the resistance had said from the outset. It also means that the enemy’s talk about eliminating Hamas is complete nonsense with no hope of achieving it. Additionally, aid was and will continue to be sent in against its will, including fuel, and aid flow will increase with time, whether or not it likes that.

In one word, all the goals declared by the Zionist entity and the US have failed miserably, and none of them have been achieved. Rather, their opposite has been and is being achieved with every additional day in which it continues its losing, criminal war. Therefore, the truce is a declaration of an initial victory for Palestine and its resistance, and is a prelude to greater subsequent victories, despite all the empty and hysterical threats issued by the Zionist entity’s politicians and militants.

In addition to thwarting the enemy’s goals, the al-Aqsa Flood and the great steadfastness that followed, as well as the enormous heroics on the ground in Gaza, have proven to have many positive results, including:

First: The wave of normalization has been frozen, the Abraham Accords have been practically buried, and previous agreements such as the Camp David and Wadi Araba have again been – objectively and regardless of the regimes’ opinion – placed on the table of historical research.

Second: The unprecedented global campaign in support of Palestinian rights, which is carrying imminent major changes as the beginning of a wave of a new global popular movement, linked to Palestine, but linked just as much and perhaps more to the internal conditions of the countries in which it emerges, especially Western countries.

Third: Once again, the saying that resistance is always less costly than surrender and normalization has been proven true.

Fourth: If the Zionist entity is the most active contributor behind the scenes to the destruction and fragmentation of the Arab countries, especially in the last decade, and is joyous about that, then it is now at the forefront, under the fire of the Palestinian resistance, and under the political and media fire of the peoples. This will reverse the general trend of events in our entire region, away from destruction and fragmentation and towards stability and development.

Finally: Since the Zionist entity has been the thug of the region since 1948, and through 1956, 1967, 1982 and so on until now, today, with the victory of the Palestinian resistance, and with the new international and regional balance, we are before an opening towards the horizon of a real solution, for Palestine and the entire region. This solution is based on ending the thuggish and Zionist character of the entity once and for all. The most important path along these lines begins with the complete disarmament of this entity. This is because stripping the Zionist entity of its arms, which for a century have been a tool in sabotaging the region, is the main gateway to stability and peace, in parallel with the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

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